Cole’s Cambridge Cay

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March 17, 2013 by Last Star blog

12 March

Cole’s Cambridge Cay

Now going to University is quite a challenge from what I understand, in fact the application process to just get in is more than I could bear.  With that said we worked hard to make Cole’s stay here as restful as possible.  He tells me that he spends ALL his time working on his studies and doesn’t even know where 6th street is in Austin….imagine that.

Well after the Grotto at Staniel and the DECCA we rolled into Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park and grabbed a mooring at one of our favorite haunts–Cambridge Cay.  The location is ideal, the moorings easy access and you can get in at low tide.  There is a bank side and an ocean side, both with wonderful views.  We were greeted with another beautiful day the next day and went ashore to see what was new at Cambridge.  Cole gravitated to the unorthodox hammock(s) for a rest.  I think he had a good idea!

Lounging in hammock

Lounging in hammock


After our short rest we worked our way north up the beach and saw some great Atlantic vistas, there was Bell Rock, Cole’s Private pool, a small window to the East, it was a nice walk as usual.  005009012

015013After  lunch back on the Last Star Patricia wanted to take Cole to a nearby snorkel spot between Cambridge and Bell Cay.  Small group of rocks but full of fish to see.  We gave Cole the camera and told him to shoot at all the fish he saw.  There was this juvenile something….019, this lovely black and blue fish 027, this school of little yellow guys 030, my favorite the epic Ray that he captured very nicely 032 looks like a B-2 bomber to me.  More colors, more stripes, more yellows and check the visibility on this one!  038 036 037  Oh and don’t forget Mr. BuzzKill the Barracuda; 041these guys always creep me out.   Lots of fish to see 052 053 051 after all that Patricia insisted on another beach to the South and there Cole was just exhausted!  057


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