Emerald Rock in ECLSP….

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March 18, 2013 by Last Star blog

13 March

Low Cost travel…..

As I continue to write I am still perplexed by the continual string of cat pictures on my camera?  Here is Neurotic Cooper, aka Howard Hughes, in his new favorite spot.  This is one of the cases that hold the hyper-expensive cat-food that these two stow-aways eat.   One day after emptying one of these cartons we put it in this cubby until we got to the next dumpster or place to get rid of trash.  Well it seems both of them love to sleep in the carton though they hardly fit?

Comfy cushions...who needs that when I have cardboard?

Comfy cushions…who needs that when I have cardboard?

Here is a photo of the “mothra” of famous Mid-60s Japanese Godzilla film fame.



In the evenings if we sit too long at happy hour with the overhead lamps on in the cockpit eventually one of these bat-size moths will fly into the cockpit under the cover of darkness and then both cats will launch themselves at the unlucky moth tearing up everything in their path.  I love these cats!!  Once “Howard” used my thigh as a launch point with full deployment of back claws to increase his purchase and grip.  I nearly spilled my Rum and Tonic in the fracas and Cooper nearly went over the side….nearly.  One can dream.

Well we left Cambridge for the Park headquarters and ended up on a mooring at Emerald Rock.  This was an easy northbound sail with Cole at the bow on lookout. DSCN2877

All clear Captain

All clear Captain

We stopped at the “aquarium” first for some more snaps of fish but the tide was outgoing and it was a bit of a struggle in the water.  DSCN2890 DSCN2891 DSCN2892 We really liked “angry fish”

Grrrrrr.......I'm angry!

Grrrrrr…….I’m angry!

, we don’t know what is going on with that eyebrow?  Do fish have eyebrows?  I don’t think this fish was in Finding Nemo.  Maybe Nemo is in this photo?

Nemo?  Nemo who?

Nemo? Nemo who?

These guys were interesting, large-ish school and when you would approach them they would all turn presenting a “larger” body of fish to maybe seem more imposing?  Hard to see in the photos but cool to see them doing it.  DSCN2897 DSCN2898

Of note was the fact that this was the end of the “Mr Gibbs” experiment.  DSCN2905 DSCN2908Note the hyper cool “mutton chops” or anti-VanDyke look I’ve got goin’ on here.  Seems the Admiral had a change of heart on the regulations on facial hair and I got no back-up from the visitor from Texas!!  The chops are gee-oh- en-eee… gone!!

Upon arrival Mini seemed to be up to some mysterious behavior??  She was lurking about,

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

, trying to eat my boat

Cooper likes feet, I like salty lines

Cooper likes feet, I like salty lines

and just being strange.  Note here where Cole is ready to execute the epic front flip from the rail

Are there any sharks?  Yes!!

Are there any sharks? Yes!!

, he is getting his courage up

On three....one, two...

On three….one, two…

(there are sharks here), and finally he goes!! DSCN2928 whaaaahhh!!!! Now go back and see where he is getting his courage up and look in the lower right corner at the epic “photo bomb” from that damn cat!!!  We cropped off part to keep this sight “R” rated.  What is in her head?

OK, now to even more weird.  Two days prior we are at the south end of the park windsurfing and I see this odd little sail going across the water, totally down wind, looks like a nylon kite or something.  A few minutes later this odd little kayak pulls up to the beach while Cole is out on the water and I say hello to a man and a woman.  I get a short response; terse “hello” and I’m like whatever.  Usually in this circle of folks people will talk your ear off and I’m busy watching Cole so this is fine by me.  I see them struggle with the kayak a minute and offer some help getting it onto the beach, they decline.  OK.  They go off for a hike and are gone about an hour.  They return and get back in the kayak and raise the “sail thingy” and disappear.  Here’s a photo of them in Emerald Rock two days later

Luxury yacht?  How about NOT!

Luxury yacht? How about NOT!

.  You see this is THE boat they are cruising the Bahamas in!!  That’s right camping!!  Out of that thing.  Fresh drinking water? No idea.  Food?  Dry something.  Sleeping–in a tent, we saw it.  Showers?  Optional I guess.  The next day we hiked the island to go pay the park for the mooring ball, we went right by their “campsite” so got to see the luxury living.  We were treated on our return to “Mrs. Camper” taking care of a nature call (timing is everything) as we passed by–lucky we didn’t get turned into a pillar of salt.  I don’t know how long they were going in this fashion, how many days, maybe they have a “pickup” scheduled somewhere.  All day long in the sun, paddling in that kayak—-oh my.  Budget must be small.  Wonder if they will be back next year?


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