saying hello and goodbye…the parents heartache


March 21, 2013 by Last Star blog

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye


003Some blogs are easy to write and some are just downright impossible.  We knew Cole’s visit would be short and fast so we took care in planning his six days with us.  We wanted to show him the best of the Exumas without having to ‘move boat’ on a daily basis. We were so excited to say hello to Cole when he showed up in Staniel Cay.  (See Spring Break Bahamian style blog for pictures of excited parents!)  He looked so much better than the Zombie who arrived at Christmas break.  No dark circles, no haunted look, no appearance of severe weight loss: we were thrilled.  This adventure for Hank and I has been a bit of a selfish venture and I fear it has cost Cole some peace of mind.  We are often impossible to reach by phone or internet.  Add that to the already difficult freshman year of an out-of-state kid who shows up knowing not one person in the largest dorm in America. We know we have not made it any easier for him this year…so, we wanted him to have a remarkable Spring Break.  We are hoping he will return for a visit in May before we leave the Bahamas.  As you have seen we snorkeled, hiked, swam, threw back a few happy hour cocktails and had a great time with him.  His last afternoon with us we took him to see the swimming pigs.

Swimming to the dinghy

Swimming to the dinghy


OMG, do you see these guys?

OMG, do you see these guys?


Help...I am out of carrots.

Help…I am out of carrots.

He, like us, were surprised by their size and a little horrified that they have been trained to come out to your boat for snacks.  We fed them carrots, I know, we are just as guilty. We could not talk him into going ashore and walking around with them…didn’t blame him.   The next morning we pulled anchor out of big Majors and ran around the corner back to Staniel Cay to drop him at the ‘airport.’ You can see his plane being serviced by Jason on the tarmac.

Watermaker's air being refueled by Jason.

Watermaker’s air being refueled by Jason.

It was overcast and a bit cool, a lot like our moods.  It is always difficult to put your kid on a plane but even harder when it is so small and headed over the ocean for a few hours.  ARGH, what was I thinking? On the way here, Cole’s flight with Spirit  Air out of Orlando was not on the books.  He had to find another flight to Ft. Lauderdale and book another flight. He was then singled out for the chem test and failed…was then separated from the herd, isolated and searched. They were a bit perplexed at the various fishing lures, salami, snacks, Victoria’s  secret bags in his luggage.  “Tell us again where you are headed?” Cole is very independent and self assured, he handled it all with ease. We try our best to raise responsible children and prepare them for the world and then we push them out there.  But no one talks about the parents standing on the side saying goodbye to the most important people in their lives.  It never gets easier for me. Their presence in my everyday life gives me so much happiness and their absence leaves a big hole nothing can fill.  We were both melancholy to return to the boat without him.  Who is going to help us row the dinghy with no gas left?

Leaving on a jet plane....

Leaving on a jet plane….


2 thoughts on “saying hello and goodbye…the parents heartache

  1. Grunt says:

    What do you mean who’s going to help row the dinghy?
    Hank, you told me that was the only reason you were taking Patricia with you in the first place.
    Well, that and to do your laundry…

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