Farmer’s Cay day two or Barry the fun-sucker and the fresh water cave.

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March 25, 2013 by Last Star blog

Considering this is one of the smallest settlements and smallest islands we have visited yet, the question on day two is: what now?  Well, as usual there is always swimming!   We had that cute little turtle snacking right off the boat and coming up to say hello, so swimming off the boat seemed like a great idea.  Wait…who is that in the water? 

Barry the fun-sucker....grrr

Barry the fun-sucker….grrr


Oh, yeah, Barry the fun-sucker.  There was this big 4-5 foot barracuda that decided he was in love with our boat!  Once he discovered us, he wouldn’t leave.  That shit-head.  He lurked under the boat and gave us that stare that only Barry the fun-sucker can give the whole time we were there. As we dropped the mooring ball the next morning and drifted off–he was still there and then he swam after us!  WTF? Guess we will have to dinghy to shore to escape him.  We had heard rumors of a fresh water cave by Oven Rock.  Off we went.  Oven Rock is just a rock off the shore but has a magnificent Osprey living atop.  She gave us a good what-for when we came around the corner.  Sorry, Mama!  011

We chose to beach it a little further up the beach.  It took us several attempts to find a decent path into the wilds of the island, but my intrepid guide did not fail me! 

Finally finding the path...

Finally finding the path…

We are currently having some serious shoe problems!  Hank’ s Tevas, that up til now have been 100% wonderful, gave him a blister about a month ago and it is still causing some grief.  My ‘appropriate for all terrain Reef flip-flops’ have not failed me until that dreaded walk to nowhere in Black Point and then the little thingy between the toes started to give way. You cannot imagine the issue this is causing us.  I have finally resorted to sewing and Gorilla glue for my flip-flops and some serious Nurse Ratchet taping of Hank’s heel. (I would love a short trip into REI right now!) I digress, we limped our way through the brush and finally came across the cave.  

Hidden cavern entrance.

Hidden cavern entrance.


Going first, just in case there were any nasties...

Going first, just in case there were any nasties…


and a Hank for scale

and a Hank for scale

 Inside was pretty amazing given we are in the Exumas and most caves are salt water grottos not fresh water pools.  We were not inclined to swim but we did take some cool shots.

Beautiful cavern!

Beautiful cavern!

024 We hiked back to the beach and here I am resting my toes!

Resting my toes!

Resting my toes!

 We swam for a bit at the beach secure in the knowledge that Barry was still lurking back at the boat. On the way back we took a peek at this old wreck.040 It was a beautiful  day on another beautiful beach.  The next morning it was time to push off from Farmer’s Cay and head to Georgetown.  As we were leaving Farmers’ their mail boat finally came in.  Here is there local pontoon boat off loading some goods from the mail boat just after dawn.  

Fresh produce, after 2 weeks!

Fresh produce, after 2 weeks!

All in all, it was a very quiet mooring with more beautiful beaches and more  friendly people.  You gotta love the Bahamas! 041


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