Long Island by Car…day 1

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April 10, 2013 by Last Star blog

Long Island by car, a new experience for us!  We rented a car with 3 other couples and decided to do South Long Island the first day and North Long Island the second day. So, we rent a Dodge Caravan for the 24 hours–now if you own one you know 8 people in there is a bit of squeeze.  If we didn’t know each other then we sure knew each other by the end! The couples off of Renegade, Cloud 9, and Triumph are amazing people and very fun!  We started our day with a visit to the local museum. Of course, it was hot pink! Why can’t there be more pink houses in the world? We learned quite a bit of local history.033

We went in search of some caves…we found some carved out sections of the hills where some very early settlers supposedly found shelter.  We found a lot of weeds and bees by the droves.083  Diana and Grunt would have loved it!  The boys all took turns throwing rocks at the bees…big surprise.

Throwing rocks at the bees nest...really?

Throwing rocks at the bees nest…really?

We visited Dean’s Blue Hole (which is for sale for either 42 million or 28 million, depending on who you ask)

The Gang at Dean's Blue Hole

The Gang at Dean’s Blue Hole

Free Dive platform for competitions...very cool.

Free Dive platform for competitions…very cool.

The hole from above..

The hole from above..

It is the deepest blue hole in the world and they hold the free-dive competitions there.  It was incredible!  Here are a few shots from around it and Dirk diving in… he and Rhonda were the only ones to jump.

Diving Dirk!

Diving Dirk!

Rhonda swimming after her jump into the big blue hole!

Rhonda swimming after her jump into the big blue hole!

From there we drove over to Clarence Town on the Atlantic side.  It is famous for its churches and for it’s pretty little marina/bar.

We toured the little church, it was so classically beautiful.  It reminded me of Greece. 058_MG_4235 We climbed the stairs and the ladders to get to the tower top for a spectacular view! You can see it was a very tight squeeze and even worse going back down!  Not sure why that is…?

Tight corners up to the tower.

Tight corners up to the tower.

Ladders after stairs...ee gad!

Ladders after stairs…ee gad!

from the top

from the top

The top...

The top…

After such an arduous trek it required a beer from the marina.  Kalik for everyone. We were joking that only boaters would seek out yet another marina to look at more boats and drink more beer.

Marina at Clarence Town

Marina at Clarence Town

Oh, and of course the van having 116,000 miles on it, one of the tires needed air.  Hank found some guys working on the marina with a air gun and filled our tire!  Yeah. On our way back to our boats we stopped at Forrest’s II for an early dinner, the best Fish Burger in all of the Bahamas!  Hands down.  Hank said the burger was pretty fantastic too.  Of course, every trip around an island requires a stop at a grocery store and a liquor store. Now, on the islands, the beer is usually 5$ in any bar but 3 for $5 in the liquor stores.  There are absolutely no open container laws here, so you can be grocery shopping or tire shopping and half the customers are drinking beer. So, in our quest to blend in, we stopped to buy a beer and in our last liquor store stop of the day, we found a new energy drink that all the guys were very keen to try and all the women had some very insightful things to say about just what the flavor could possibly be.  I think it was Dirk who said, now you could have some anytime, anywhere, and even cold…LOL.  085


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