Columbus and the Bean Hunt (Long Island day 2)

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April 11, 2013 by Last Star blog


First, let me talk a little bit about the Exuma Bean hunt.  We were first introduced to the ‘bean’ by our friend Susan on Old Sam the very first day we were in country. They are beans from, I am not sure but…if I had google, I could tell you!  They come in various styles:  heart, nicker, purse, hamburger, and a couple of others I have yet to find.  They wash up on the beach and are fairly rare, some more than others.  We were in a pretty heated bean hunt count with Rob & Pauline on Solidago( we were ahead by 2).  Well, Nancy  & Dirk (off of Renegade), are pretty big bean hunters.  We all are!  So the first stop of day 2 is to find a deserted Atlantic beach to bean hunt!  All 8 of us…very competitive!  Nancy and Dirk beat us all with about 11-14 total–with a beautiful purse bean specimen that I was quit covetous of.  Bill & Elaine had about 10 heart beans.

Nancy's bean, with the PURSE bean, grr...

Nancy’s bean, with the PURSE bean, grr…

I found about 6-2 of them nicker beans!  Very elusive  Rhonda was on a ‘sea glass’ hunt, which is almost non-existent here.  Beach plastic bits, yes, but not sea glass.  We hiked around this beach for a couple of hours and climbed some rocks for the view. We were hoping Bill could make it up a palm tree to get us some coconuts, but he stopped half way up.

Bill going for a coconut.

Bill going for a coconut.

Here we are walking on the beach. _MG_4278087 The beach was breathtaking, as always.  We were supposed to have the van back to Olivia at Fox auto by noon…on Good Friday.  So, after a few hours at the beach at the very northern tip of Long Island we had time for one more tour: The Christopher Columbus monument.  As Cole said: how ironic.  We had asked some locals about the road up to the monument and were asked “your car or a rental?”  Well, as you can guess the answer was if it was a rental the road was great, if it was your car…you should walk!  Well, we did a little bit of both.  With the tire already iffy, we ventured down the dirt road.  I would like to say it was the road not taken, but this road is very taken!  After some very mysterious noises from the undercarriage, we decided to get out and walk while Hank drove. Hank kept telling us, “it’s all good, man, we’re in the Bahamas”

Getting the load out..

Getting the load out..

The mighty four-wheeling caravan.

The mighty four-wheeling caravan.

Then there was the constant scraping and scratching from all the brush on the second half of the 2.5 mile drive to the monument.  We were all cringing from the noises and no radio to turn on! We finally get to the monument , followed closely by a Ford explorer.  Hope it was a rental.  The views from here were more than breathtaking.  I know I keep saying it was ‘amazing’ but there are no words to describe it.  Beautiful, moving, striking, stunning, gorgeous…take your pick. 090094 It was a short little steeeep walk up to the monument. 092_MG_4300  I don’t know how to describe the water here.  Every day we see new water colors in every shade of blue possible and each and every time we are speechless by its beauty.  Up here the water is powerful and majestic, what a way to celebrate Easter. 095_MG_4296 We were back in the village by 12:30 and of course, Olivia was off for the day.  We ended up leaving the van at the office with the keys in it.  It’s all good, man. We finished the day off with a church sponsored fish fry (whole snapper) he was yummy, even if he was giving me ‘the eye.’  Later we had snacks at sunset and way too much to drink on Renegade.  An absolutely lovely 3 days with some very wonderful people!


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