I smell a Rat…

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April 13, 2013 by Last Star blog

Leaving Calabash bay we were greeted by Patricia’s favorite water critter: these great dolphins! The bay itself was an incredible blue and Patricia tried to capture the turquoise water, purple sky, and almost green sail. The light quality and water color here in the Exumas is overwhelming.

The Dolphins, a reward!

The Dolphins, a reward!

014After returning to Georgetown we spent a day there getting some paperwork notarized with the local Administrator; Mr. Theopolus Cox and other little chores.  We needed fresh water but couldn’t get to the dock due to shallow water, we ferried 5 gallon jerries back and forth a few times to tie us over until we get more water.  We needed some groceries and a bit of fuel for the dinghy and we would be off.

When we left GT we were now going north!! Yes north to leave the Bahamas and return to the states around 1 June; my how time flies.  On our way south we sailed straight to GT for approx 40 miles and slipped past many promising Cays that we now wanted to visit so we got some local knowledge and tips and set out for Rat Cay–promising name.  Once behind Rat we would “gunkhole” from one stop to another where we had the depth otherwise go out on the Atlantic as needed.  The first leg would be approximately 25 miles and then we would duck in.  While we were sailing north we tried to fish and got this little fellow on the line.

Mahi-Mahi for dinner!!

Mahi-Mahi for dinner!!

Big thanks to Bill C. who made me two stainless steel leaders, one of which I used to catch this fish.  The Mahi pound for pound out fought the Blue Marlin.  We were under sail and really can’t slow the boat but even with the 6 knots of drag he was still an exciting catch.  You can see the mark on his side where the line/leader rubbed him as he tried to escape and put distance between us.  Patricia used one fillet to make a nice coconut fish sauce with an Asian slaw.  Very nice.  Mahi is a very light and delicate white meat, not fishy and great eating, we tried to catch one for agesWell after the fish was aboard we pressed on another half hour and it was time to lower the sails and find the pass or “cut” between the islands and get tucked in behind Rat Cay.  The cuts can be a bit tricky if the tide is raging or the sea is rough but it was neither that day.  When we turned the corner at Rat here is the spectacle that awaited us!  035  We found the obligatory deserted beaches,049  Some crystal clear water to anchor the boat in. 052On one of the little Cays there was a little cave, some short cliffs, and typical “iron-shore”.  Here’s photos of the iron-shore.

Iron shore...not flip flop friendly.

Iron shore…not flip flop friendly.

I can’t imagine getting ship-wrecked and washing ashore in and on this stuff.  It would tear you to ribbons.

On one of the islands we found these little unusual footprints; we’ve no idea what they are from.  Also in the photo they sometimes looked “raised” when in fact they sink into the sand.  Bit of an optical illusion with the shadows.

Who am I???

Who am I???

Well, that’s Rat Cay.  Next we wait for high tide to slip behind Children’s Bay, then continue north to Lee Stocking Island and the old abandoned Perry Marine Institute there…we’ll see what that holds.


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