Lee Stocking–Perry’s Point with Patricia


April 14, 2013 by Last Star blog

We gunkholed through some shallow water from Rat to Lee Stocking and was greeted with ANOTHER beautiful bay! We passed these rock formations the cruisers call : Tug and Barge… hmmn, wonder why.

tug and barge...bad view point, sorry.

tug and barge…bad view point, sorry.

The island used to be the home of a marine research facility.  Some very cute houses, beautiful palm trees, some interesting fisheries, and an airstrip. However, it is completely abandoned.019024  We talked to some of the local guys working on the island and they told us there were some prospective buyers coming by tomorrow to check the place out for development, condos and such…???. 020 (2)021 It seems promising, but then again we have seen so many broken dreams abandoned along the way here.  I wish them luck. At the end of the runway, about a 15 minute walk, is a beautiful beach. 013 We found 3 beans before Hank had enough of the energy sucking sand walk.  The sand can often be very soft here and each step into the sand takes the physical energy out of the step so you are basically fighting through the sand.  It was a bit overcast so we headed back to the boat for happy hour.

This morning we decided to hike up to the Perry’s point, the highest spot in the Exumas.

Geek squad

Geek squad

Hank is donning his best geek look with the blister preventing socks, his GPS, and our camelback.  My boy scout!  The trek there took us down the runway and next to an old settler’s wall of limestone.  Very scenic and not too difficult.  This path took us to ‘Tahiti Beach’ as the cruisers call it because from the water, with its gorgeous beach and coconut palms, it resembles Tahiti.

Tahiti beach...lovely.

Tahiti beach…lovely.

The trail starts up again at the end of the beach to hike up the hill.  The climb was quick but steep. We stopped for some photos along the way and then of course from up top. 009<9> The weather was overcast, humid, and warm.  There is a storm headed our way tonight and has brought the heat and humidity.  We were happy for the cloud cover, but were sorry the pictures don’t do the water justice.  We reached the top and found a survey marker.   018020 017  Here is Tahiti beach from the top. 023 The island is very green and inviting! It was a spectacular view and the hike back was an easy downhill trek.  All in all about 4 miles of hiking just right to build an appetite. We have friends in the anchorage, so tonight will be card night on Last Star.


One thought on “Lee Stocking–Perry’s Point with Patricia

  1. Francine says:

    What a amazing pictures! I am so proud of your astonishing accomplishment in life. We have one life to live and you both are living it. Thank you for sharing these pictures and comments of all these unique places and experiences that you are going though.
    We can’t wait to see you guys some day. Keep posting more please. We all need a reminder of life was meant to live!
    Love you both, and may god blessing you along your journey…
    Carry on Amigos!

    Ps. Post card please:)

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