That’s Captain Jack…


April 20, 2013 by Last Star blog

So as we continue north we keep seeing our favorite sites on covered ground and discovering new wonders.  Have we been keeping up on insane sunsets?  How’s this one? 083We were in Cambridge Cay mooring again and were wondering if another trip to the “aquarium” was worth the effort?  We would have to decide the next day when we motored the 3.5 miles over there–I told you we were moving slowly north. Mini likes the new pace.

Tough life for some....see she has no pillow.

Tough life for some….see she has no pillow.

The aquarium has little anchorage near it and suffers from a strong current so we decided to duck behind Little Halls Pond Cay and then motor over to the snorkel spot.  Well the anchoring there was tough too as the tide was running but we got set soon enough.  Now evidently we were in good company as this little”skiff” was parked behind us.  105

Now no sooner is the anchor set and I’m walking back to the cockpit that the dinghy pictured to the left of the yacht is coasting up with the crew from the yacht (actually the Captain and a crew-member) with a few questions.  Now the captain is a “Ginger” (he has no soul) and is wearing the burgundy polo with the Khaki shorts (pleated) as is the young girl driving and the dinghy has canvas covers on the engine and sides that match the polos….NSTFS.  Now I am relaxed and retired so I’ll make this easy on the guy and entertain the questions….He was very polite, fed me a bit of bullshit but over all wanted to know how long we were going to be anchored there blah blah blah…..Well I let the BS about his anchors and need to get by and other stuff slide and told him we were doing the aquarium and would overnight and then be gone the next day.  He said that would be awesome and no problem.  Well thank my lucky stars (and the Last Star) that we were not causing any problems.   Now here’s the source of the Captain’s anxiety….

Too close?  Current pulling the Last Star a bit....

Too close? Current pulling the Last Star a bit….

What's that?  Pirates?

What’s that? Pirates?

Who's Jack and why can't I get on his beach?

Who’s Jack and why can’t I get on his beach?

Seen from the other side, nice Gazebo, can we get a drink?

Seen from the other side, nice Gazebo, can we get a drink?

If you look really closely at the pirate flag in the first photo you will see a little red sparrow in the corner, as in Jack Sparrow.  Captain Jack Sparrow.  Of Pirates of the Caribbean fame as in Johnny Depp.  Seems he owns the island of Little Halls Pond Cay and also the nice yacht sitting out front.  We were told the next day that the captain will come out and offer money in order to bribe people to “move away” from the Depps.  There is a local bahamian millionaire that owns Soldier Cay next door that will go anchor there to just be an irritant.  Now all this is hear-say from staff at the park.  None confirmed except that the Captain was exceedingly polite and was fine with my answers (wish I could have been bribed to move but that is not part of the story).  I can see that if you are a big celebrity and pay big bucks for privacy that you don’t want lookey loos eyeballing you and your kids on holiday.  We were there most of the day and saw no one but the soul-less ginger Captain and his hench-woman.

We did see some awesome waters for snorkeling though




Later in the afternoon we saw this boat go up the channel into Pirate territory; we had seen it up close two days prior in Compass Cay marina.  The woodwook on it is unbelievable and one of the crew was washing it down with a watersoftner filter thingy attached to the hose.  Crazy.  Well shortly after going in the channel he popped out.  Maybe he took the “bribe”?130

I don’t think there was a bribe….the current was just two much for two large boats like this.   Risks too high.

Go to this site if you want to see better pictures of the pirates boat…


One thought on “That’s Captain Jack…

  1. Le Vieux says:

    Je ne comprends pas tout mais j’arrive encore à voir les photos malgré mon grand âge et on peut dire que vous ne vous emmerdez pas. Ici on a un printemps pourri. Heureusement un coup de Mistral a nettoyé un peu le Week End mais on se gèle les Klaouis. Du moins ce qu’il en reste…

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