Some things never change….


April 24, 2013 by Last Star blog

Some things never change….

As we sit to write these every day (ok, maybe not every day) it is more and more difficult to make them new and fresh.  The “news” sort of just stays the same.  Oh some different things happen to us at the micro level but is it worth putting in the blog?  Is it captured on digital “film”?  Will anyone else care but us?  We’ve seen an abundance of wildlife in the past few days, maybe because we are in the park?   We saw a very large snake; maybe 5-6 feet.  He was in a large formation of rocks on O’Brien’s Cay.  We also saw a large iguana trail on that same cay.  Here’s some photos of Patricia petting a shark that was swimming behind the boat the other day.

trolling behind our dinghy...for hotdogs

trolling behind our dinghy…for hotdogs

Fearless!!  "feels rough" she says

Fearless!! “feels rough” she says

This was at Warderick Wells in the North mooring field.   She popped down into the dinghy to pet his little head. This was just a nurse shark, we saw a small black tip reef shark the other morning under the boat…not ideal for swimming.

The next day we pushed off to go to Hawksbill Cay, a stop we missed on our southbound journey.  Well like most of the stops in the park it was phenomenal.  We anchored near the mooring field and had a new neighbor

Motor Yacht Adler, google it for details

Motor Yacht Adler, google it for details

!  You can see we’ve moved to a better neighborhood.  I’d put the yacht at about 130 feet, there was a tender with dual outboards, a small dark hull “Sea-doo” and that little thing way in the back is OUR sailboat.  It just looks small in the photo…(I hear that a lot?).  I think we need a banana for scale.

Once we got the anchor set we told the new neighbors that we couldn’t make it over for happy hour as we didn’t have a blazer–sorry.  (NSTFS, a few days ago at Compass on a large yacht similar to this one we saw the owners/guests come to dinner on the aft deck in blue blazers, white “Captain Hats” like Judge Smalls in caddy shack, and the women had blue hair to match the blazers)  So after our apologies we set out to do what we do best: hike and explore.  We followed the short trail to the ocean side and found this amazing beach

Path over hill and to Atlantic Beach

Path over hill and to Atlantic Beach

Nearly there....

Nearly there….

Damn....another beach

Damn….another beach

.  It was mile(s) of powdery white sand, amazing old stumps and drift wood and just amazing sights.

How long have these been here, rarely rains...

How long have these been here, rarely rains…

amazing stumps on this stretch

amazing stumps on this stretch



We hiked back to look in awe at the clarity of the water and the beach on the bank side.  The dinghy looked like it was just suspended in air rather than floating on the water.  038 043.  We were just in time for happy hour on the Last Star!!  No Jacket Required.

Oh and the required sunset

another day...another rum punch

another day…another rum punch


3 thoughts on “Some things never change….

  1. Beth says:

    Never grow tired of the amazing color of the water and your perfect description of life at sea…..” you get a free bowl of soup with that hat”……did you ever find out who your neighbors were? P…stop trying to make friends with the sharks…they all bite !!…..

  2. Grunt says:

    Actually, you HAVE to post all the micro level stuff and ANYTHING ELSE!!!
    If not, and you go more than a few days without posting, I start to worry. (Isn’t that funny? Like an old hen keeping up with the brood. I just have to remind myself that you probably are somewhere without WiFi–or asleep on some deserted beach.)

    • Thanks for worrying, someone has to!! You are correct we are generally w/out wee-fee (as i call it) and that’s why we are absent. We try to write often and then post ALL the blogs using the “schedule” feature here at wordpress. Lots of the stuff you see is 5-7 days old before you see it. Don’t worry we are safe!! Most of the time. Big ocean leg coming up to the Abacos soon, summer East Tradewinds setting up and seem to be stronger than we like….greater than 15kts. We’ll see.

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