Hawksbill day 2


April 26, 2013 by Last Star blog

Hawks bill, day 2

001Since we hadn’t been to this little oasis before we spent an extra day exploring it.  There were some ruins and a cave marked on our ‘hand-drawn not-to-scale’ map from the park.  Honestly, if I had my computer with Illustrator on it I would fix all those maps and send them the files, gratis, as a favor to me!  Anyway…we decided to hike up to the ruins after breakfast before it became too beastly.  The map had the ruins on our side of the island with a left hand detour from the path we had taken yesterday.  It did not remotely look like the path would take us the beach on the Atlantic side, again… but it did.  We found ourselves on the beach thinking…did we miss a turn?

Oh no, not this mess again...

Oh no, not this mess again…

where are we??

where are we??

It can happen, that’s fersure.  We back tracked for a while, no…I think we should go back and stay on the beach.  “ok, but NO sea beaning…got it?”  Oh, yessssir.

Hank has started calling our hikes his DDM.  (Daily death march) Hmnn, I can’t imagine why? This is what he tells me: “The daily death march goes against all common sense. First, no matter what time of day it is the scorching sun feels like the Sahara.  Second, the miles of soft sand pulls you into a motion quagmire only herculean efforts can move one foot in front of the other.  Seriously, only mad dogs and Englishmen would endeavor these excursions, but for you my sweet…get in the dinghy.”

Well, so here we are on a hike we both thought would be much shorter according to the ‘map.’ And, we refuse to NOT find our ruins!  So…finally at the end of the beach we found the path to the ruins, it was a relatively easy hike as the elevation was not excessive and the ground cover the second half was much smoother than the iron-shore-shoe-eater from the first half.

Little path...

Little path…

Here are a couple of pictures from the ruins.

is this it?  That's what's left?

is this it? That’s what’s left?

Oh wait, there's more

Oh wait, there’s more

OK, ruins.

OK, ruins.

Now, on the way back we saw our friendly little curly tail atop a cairn pointing the right way…maybe we should hire him as a guide.

the sentinel

the sentinel

We also ran into a group from Italy/Chile from a big catamaran anchored close to us…they were BAREFOOT!  They had opted out of the original beach trail (that actually took you to a beach with coral heads to snorkel on) because the path had too much iron shore!  Now here they were strung out on the path doing the ministry of strange walks with their snorkel gear and no shoes.  We encouraged them to realize the error of their ways and save their feet, the path only gets worse.  They did follow us back to the beach on our side and everyone was so happy to have their toes in this insanely beautiful water. 002  They were very nice and actually ended up gifting us a nice bottle of Italian wine in exchange for some local knowledge. Look at that, we are a fount of local knowledge.  ROFL. After lunch and some kindling (that would be reading on the kindle), we ran by the cave but it was not as impressive as what we deemed the ‘smallest beach in the Bahamas.’022 019

World's smallest beach

World’s smallest beach

And here we are again, sunset and happy hour. Another day in paradise. 025


3 thoughts on “Hawksbill day 2

  1. RickD says:

    LOL @ DDM 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by Rick and it can be a “death march” sometimes but we NEED to get off the boat on occasion. You know the drill.

      • RickD says:

        Well… I do. Unfortunately, not well enough though. I’m still sitting in Colorado awaiting some contractors to be finished so I can get on with the process of getting rid of the house so I can replace it with a boat!

        But in our previous travels one of the most important things for us was to “get off the boat” 🙂 I never felt it a Death March – then again, it’s be a really, really long time since I walked through the Sahara! lol (in the late 1970s an early 80s when I was there last).

        Perhaps we’ll run into (not LITERALLY of course!) you guys out there soon enough. Fair winds!

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