Picnic in the shade…on shroud.


April 28, 2013 by Last Star blog

Picnic in the shade…on shroud.

We have been to shroud before and it never fails to amaze us. These pictures will be a little bit of a repeat, but it is so beautiful we couldn’t resist taking more.

We anchored fairly close in and took the dinghy down the canal through the mangroves to the beach on the Atlantic.  The ride there is breathtaking. 038035041  Once you break through to the Atlantic there are beaches to the North and to the South.  Here is the beach to the North.

North side

North side

We hiked a short way to the top to take in the panoramic vista of this astounding place.  Supposedly, the DEA camped here for a while in the late 70’s and early 80’s while they were trying to clean up the drug cartels on Norman’s Cay. (the next Island north from here) It was an easy few minutes hike and the view was spectacular, as usual. 051050047 You can see the beautiful Bahamian waters and the meandering little river we followed through the cay. We decided to explore the southern beaches on the Atlantic side as very few people go over there…we have no idea why! No, seriously.  We dinghied over and found a spot to have our lunch under the casaurina trees so prevalent here.

Shade!  Perfect spot for a picnic.

Shade! Perfect spot for a picnic.

We walked around a bit and found some spectacular shells, but as this is the park…it is a no take zone.  We had a gorgeous view of the ocean, the breeze was refreshing, and the shade a Godsend. 055061 We also had company on our picnic!  This little fellow would not leave us alone, he went as far as to grab a hold of Hank’s can-cooler and go for a sip of his Pepsi!  Ballsy little guy.  They are awfully cute though!!  They are everywhere and we have become accustomed to their presence, they always bring a smile to my face.058We stopped at one last beach for Hank to poke around on, you can take things out of the park that are not indigenous, and the other day we found an awesome lure!  Trash you are welcome to remove!  It was an idyllic day in a perfect setting, I will miss the Exumas!

The last beach of the day

The last beach of the day


3 thoughts on “Picnic in the shade…on shroud.

  1. Castelain Jean-Christophe says:

    Bonjour Patricia et Boulie
    Quelle belle aventure, je vous envie, ici à Paris il fait froid et pluvieux.
    Caroline est venue diner dans notre appartement parisien la semaine dernière avec ses copines du travail, j’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à la revoir.
    What about ending your “rekindle marriage programme” in Paris for a few days ?
    Je vous embrasse.

  2. Stubbs says:

    What great waters and beaches. You guys are really making us green with envy.

    • Stubbs, the Exumas were truly some of the most amazing waters ever seen! We made some friends who have sailed the world over and they said the Exumas are top 5 in the world so why go further!? We were very lucky to get to enjoy them so close to home…well we don’t have a home but you know what I mean. Hope all is well at work, how was the Dec cruise? Send me a response my hotmail or gmail when able. Hi to everyone at DOT&E and IDA

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