Odds and ends….


May 1, 2013 by Last Star blog

Odds and ends….

OK, so what else is going on besides breakfasts?  Well here’s some odds and ends of recent days.  It’s getting hot…..Africa hot…..mostly under our Bimini when there is no wind.  The other day we are rounding Powell Point in route to Rock Sound and we are in the shallows now, we are motoring east and the wind is from the west matching our boat speed.  In essence there is zero apparent wind!  As a consequence the temperature under the dark blue bimini is rising fast.  You can feel it as your head gets close to the top of the bimini.  I grabbed the thermometer just to see what the temps were in the cockpit; this is the sort of stuff that intrigues old retired folks in the fifth hour of motoring back to Eleuthera–that and the fish took all my lures.  So the temperature at my feet was about 82 degrees (Fahrenheit for our international readers), about 90 on the instruments and nearly 120!! at the ceiling of the bimini.  You could feel your head baking.

Dang its hot....need some cool water....

Dang its hot….need some cool water….

Note the flag is just hanging there and the temperature nearing 100.  Patricia was not liking the heat

"How 'bout this heat!!??"

“How ’bout this heat!!??”

but the water was the usual blue spectacle 006 005 004 007

Now here’s a photo of our usual sunsets

Oh that's different

Oh that’s different

here’s our rapidly deteriorating flag telling us it is time to go home and get another.  The sun was really painting the cloud pink but the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Old Glory with some glory lost....

Old Glory with some glory lost….

Later Patricia captured this likeness of the Judy Jetson girl flying her flying saucer.  Please humor her… Patricia not Judy

girl with pony-tail, saucer moving right to left...?

girl with pony-tail, saucer moving right to left…?

(you have no idea of the photos I must weed through to get the good ones>>

The next morning we were greeted with another visitor under the boat.  Yes, another funsucker–Barry the Barracuda followed us to Rock Sound.  025  We were not pleased to see him under the boat; what’s with these guys and our boat?  Our friend Katie on BuckEye has a barracuda who hangs under her boat too and coined the name Barry.

Later that day we elected to do another DDM (daily death march for the uninitiated) but rather than walk south on the Queen’s HiWay we would go north to see something different.  Well it did not disappoint.  It was hot and arduous (though easier on the road than in the soft sand) and we were glad to get back to the market place and seek some refreshment.  Well after three months we felt we are totally immersed in Bahamian culture and needed a Kalik to quench our thirst; Patricia put hers in a brown paper bag in order to better assimilate with the local populace.  In addition, we got Joey at the liquor store to pop in a local snack called hot patty into the microwave for a snack.   It is a cornmeal pocket with a “jerk” seasoned mystery meat inside.  The level of “heat” from the scotch-bonnet peppers is always a surprise and the actual temperature from the microwave approaches the surface of the sun.  In essence this is a local equivalent of the burrito or “bean bag” from 7-eleven in Texas.

mmiammm miiammm

mmiammm miiammm

While devouring our snack at the sidewalk cafe we saw one of the unusual school busses here.  The busses come from a variety of locations and are probably bought at auction.  You’ll see the busses running from Chatanooga, Atlanta, Detroit, a multitude of school districts.  None are re-painted.  This is our favorite.  I don’t know where it is from?  Maybe my friend Pulse can ID the bus or its origins?

all safety requirements met I'm sure

all safety requirements met I’m sure

I like the children in the triangle

I like the children in the triangle

Finally, rather than another sunset let’s close with something different.  A photo of Cooper as these always seem to be popular for reasons unknown.

Don't be eye-ballin' me boy!!

Don’t be eye-ballin’ me boy!!

and not a sunset but a moonrise!

A shot to the east!

A shot to the east!


4 thoughts on “Odds and ends….

  1. Grunt says:

    Oh Goodness! Let me get this straight because I am a little confused: You are sailing all over the Bahamas, snorkeling (literally) in some of the best waters anywhere, coming up for air to sip a cool one, only to get bored with that so you can take your “little dinghy” to some of the most remote and beautiful beaches in the world–and I am supposed to feel sorry for you because it is a LITTLE WARM outside!?!

    You poor things. I do hope it cools off for you…NOT!

    BTW, you missed another great Georgia thunderstorm the other night. Fried a bunch of my electronics. At least no tornadoes.

    • It can get really hot Grunt. You can’t imagine our comfort level how it can take a plunge. And the heat will melt my ice cubes as well. Thankfully we’ve not seen any T storms to speak of down here. I will not be digging those on the east coast this summer with a 60 foot metal pole sticking up out of my “house”. Thanks for stopping by and the comments.

  2. Pulse says:

    Hank, I think that’s Kim Jong Un’s mystery bus – reported stolen from Pyongyang last December….

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