Return to Dunmore Town…

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May 7, 2013 by Last Star blog

Dunmore Town, Harbour Island

So, after the Devils Backbone the reward is the quaint and picturesque town of Dunmore on Harbour Island.  We wrote about it back in January and I said I could spend a week here, so we came back! It was worth the backbone to get here, believe me.  However, one of the reasons we were so looking forward to returning was to have lunch at Sip Sip.  We arrived here in the afternoon and took our DDM (daily death march-which was under cloudy skies).

A different kind of path for us, not so isolated.

Path from Sip Sip  to the beach.

Hank complains, but it is very often his idea to take them. We stopped for a drink around closing time for Sip Sip at 4 pm to check out the menu, to prime the juices…sortaspeak.  Hmn, lobster quesadilla with mango salsa…$38.  Nice.  Not fried conch.  However, the waitress tells us they are going to be closed for 10 days for a break starting that afternoon. Drink up, cause their ain’t no eating going on!!  GRRRRR.   We finish our drinks, telling ourselves the money saved will be a blessing? On the porch  was this lovely barracuda..the  only one I want to see anymore!

Barry the Barracuda...this one I like.

Barry the Barracuda…this one I like.

We walked back to the beach and took a different path back into town…well, in our defense there were about 45 stairs to pick from and this set did not have a ‘private’ sign on it…

The path not marked...

The path not marked…

we ended up in someone’s back yard, escorted off by the gardener…sorry!  Maybe it was Bill Gates, he owns a place here.  We headed back to Valentine’s marina were we had anchored the Last Star to have happy hour in their bar. We could see the boat from our seats.

Last Star in Dunmore Town harbor, Harbor Island.

Last Star in Dunmore Town harbor, Harbor Island.

We had a few beers and some conch fritters, yes, more fried conch!  And we noticed there were bags of water hanging in most corners of the bar.

Fly repellent?

Fly repellent?

We asked, Vonnie, our server and she said they are to keep the flies out.  The flys approach the bags and are fended off??  She was less than enthusiastic with their results.  LOL.

The next morning we decided to talk our DDM early, head back to the boat, and then out to lunch. Here is a basic montage of the village. Of course, we ran into the roosters that never stop crowing, we think they believe they must get in the last word.

Cock of the walk, and man does he talk!

Cock of the walk, and man does he talk!


Queen conch, famous for their conch salad made on the spot...but today, no conch. ??

Queen conch, famous for their conch salad made on the spot…but today, no conch. ??

029 (2) We ran into a shoe store…maybe I could replace my all terrain flip flops?

If the shoe fits....

If the shoe fits….

We saw this spectacular golf cart, as there are hundreds of golf carts on the island…this one was worth a photo.

'57 chevy, baby!!

’57 chevy, baby!!

We managed to find a good grocery store, yes, a Pigly Wigly (single g’s) and yes it was awesome!

Pigly wigly, to market to market....

Pigly wigly, to market to market….

However, along this walk, after about an hour, Hank decides he wants to go look at the other marinas… another 2.0 miles away.  Yes, we trudged on.  Yes, it was the DDM from hell.  I was a wee bit hung over and the cloud cover has disappeared under the glare of the frying sun.  Now, we could have visited the other marinas from the dingy in about 5 minutes…. but for some reason we had to walk.  ???  Right about the time I was trying to decide if my hangover was turning into a migraine or if I was just going to keel over and melt a local stopped to offer us a ride.  Usually, we say no because we are on a walk…unless we have groceries or unless your wife is going to kill you, we jumped in with glee!  He was related to everyone we had met on the island!  He is a bone fishing guide, I had seen his nephew earlier.  His daughter was our waitress at Sip Sip, his grandson was the stocker we talked to at the Pigly Wigly!  He was very kind to take us all the way back to the Dunmore Deli where we had decided to have lunch.  Since we had walked the entire morning from the very northern end to the southern end of the island, and some places twice! We had pulled pork and flank steak sandwiches for lunch…no beer and no fried conch!  I needed a nap! On our walk back to the marina we walked along the water front to admire the houses.  010 011

Could be my favorite?

Could be my favorite?


this reminds me of the Midthun's house in England, only it is not red.

this reminds me of the Midthun’s house in England, only it is not red.

They are so beautiful!  Many of them are for sale, usually there is a main house and a small cottage on the property.  Most of them have been restored and I was curious as to what a little 2 bedroom main house with cottage would go for…aren’t you?  I went on line to look, in hopes there would be pictures of the interior…but there was the just the same picture I basically took from the road.  The most expensive we saw was $4.75 million and the cheapest, a bargain really, at $2.8 million.  Now Johnny Depp paid $3.8 million for his entire island in the Exumas, hmn? I will take the island.


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