Do the Time warp..

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May 13, 2013 by Last Star blog

Do the Time warp..

We were blessed the last few days to have the company of some longtime friends from college come pay us a visit here in the Abacos.  Jed and Monica were able to squeeze a few days out of Jed’s busy schedule and drop in to see us and the area.  023 I won't remove my sungglasses

Sun….bright….no I won’t remove my sunglasses

We picked them up on Wednesday afternoon when the taxi dropped them off at Mangoes and were all set to motor over to Hopetown to their hotel.  Well the tides said otherwise.  We were sitting on the bottom of the slip and would have to wait a little while for the tide to return some of the water so we could sneak out.  After a couple of rounds of drinks and snacks we felt we could make it out of Marsh Harbour.  With some help from Ray the dock master we got the LastStar out of the slip and going in the right direction.  Our trip across was uneventful and we delivered Jed and Monica to the Hopetown Marina Resort by sunset.  We spent the next 3 days enjoying their great company and seeing the sites of the area with a fresh set of eyes.

We had a wonderful day cruising north to Great Guana to have lunch at Nippers overlooking the Atlantic.

Lunch at Nippers

Lunch at Nippers

Best lookin' ladies on the usual

Best lookin’ ladies on the beach….as usual

The beach was beautiful as usual, the food was awesome burgers and sandwiches all around.  We even got them in the water for a bit of snorkeling–there wasn’t too much there but  that’s how snorkeling can be sometimes.  036

Yes, that's a weedeater...why here?  Who knows, probably wouldn't start as usual

Yes, that’s a weedeater…why here? Who knows, probably wouldn’t start as usual

The next day we rented a golf cart to go to the south end of Elbow Cay and see the homes scattered up and down the island on both sides.  013 009 008 007 005 002

Daily required cat picture according to art director staff...

Daily required cat picture according to art director staff…

We stopped at FireFly resort and had arguably the best lunch since we’ve been down here.  Hats off the management and chef for creating something to eat that is not “crack’d”, fried, conch’d, or wrapped in two pieces of bread.  I had a great piece of blackened Mahi on a salad with Arugula!!! Who knew there was Arugula in the Abacos!?  Patricia had panko fishcakes and Jed and Monica had a gourmet burger with an artisanal bun and more arugula.  The beer was cold and rum punches were quite nice as were the vodka based mojitos.  A really nice resort and lunch; I’d anchor off there in a heartbeat just for the food.  From there we continued south to Tahiti beach and got there just at low tide for some great photos and there were loads of folks thinking the same thing, a big crowd by Abaco standards.

Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay

Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay

Who's the biggest star here?

Who’s the biggest star here?

Still too cool....ok maybe not so much anymore

Still too cool….ok maybe not so much anymore

051 050  We worked our way back to Hopetown after the beach and finished the afternoon with some more punch and beer as we drank in the view of the Atlantic in the later afternoon.

After returning to the boat and the Resort we got back together onboard for more drinks and dinner, hats off to Patricia as she made a wonderful pasta and lobster dinner with a Caesars’ salad.   We laughed and drank until way past “sailor’s midnight”.  It was awesome seeing our friends and spending what seemed some very short days with them.  We hope to create this experience again in Charleston SC this summer and hopefully we can get Eric and Abby to make the trip too.




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