What’s in a name?

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May 18, 2013 by Last Star blog

What’s in a name?

We have little better things to do on the boat than looking at other boats.  You would think we would get tired of it, but we don’t.  We even go to other marinas to look at boats, we dinghy through mooring fields to look at boats, and oogle big mega yachts through the binoculars.  Of course, the binoculars come in handy for all kinds of things, just ask Hank.  Anyway, we look at other boats to get ideas on shade, on storage and other weird things.  We also hear the boats on the radio all the time, either just hailing each other or on open mic on the cruisers net.  When you hail a boat on the radio, you say their name 2-3 times and yours once.  So when we were thinking about what to name our boat, we would say it a few times in a row.  Can you say it clearly? Does it sound stupid?  You get the drift.  Okay, so after a few months around monohulls, like us, catamarans and motor yachts we have heard and seen some pretty weird names.

Let me preface this with making a fairly broad statement, the majority of the boat owners we see and meet are our seniors by a decade or more.  The friends we have made along the way are our age, but we seem to be the minority. Now, we have noticed many of the motor yachts are named after women.  Hank has a theory that the husband names the beast after his wife in hopes of engaging her in his purchase.  Some of these names are a little old fashioned as well, leading us to believe it is one of those purchases after retirement that has to be sold to the wifey.  We have seen the Barbara Ann, Catherine, Miss Betty, Miss Ann, Elly May, even a Patricia.  Personally, I would hate that but hell…if it works, right?  Now today we saw a monohull named the Bad Betty.  Hmn, maybe 30 years ago. We have also noticed many motor yachts like to use the word ‘sea’ in their names (more so than any other kind of vessel) like Sea-batical, Seas the day, Sea u there, and Sea-quill.  Sometimes we have seen it combined into the girls names like Sea-Mantha and Hanks favorite: Sea-alice.  (Cialis, very appropriate for this lot..LOL).

The catamarans have a tendency to use some variance of ‘cat’ in their names. I don’t know why.  Some of them are: Aqua Cat, Cat Baloo, Meow, Mer Cat, Ti Matou, Cat Paws, Gatito and our two favorites: katkando and Chat-eau (for you non francofiles: water cat). Of course, when we heard Meow on the radio he was calling Cat Baloo, so the radio call went: “Cat Baloo, Cat Baloo, Meow.”  The response was: “Meow, Meow,  Cat Baloo.”  See why I don’t understand naming the boat Meow?  And he did have a cat on board! Sometimes the names are two-hulled inspired like Two-can and Double Trouble, which I like better than the cat theme.

This is my  opinion on that!

This is my opinion on that!

Are you talking about me?

Are you talking about me?

We have seen, in our opinions, some horrific names for boats!  The worst, I think, is Breaking Wind.  Are you really an old fart? Six C one, is that supposed to be Sexy One? Hey Babe, no really that was the name of the motor yacht: Hey Babe. That’s Me.  Yes, that would make an interesting call, “Hey Babe, Hey Babe, That’s Me.” A little frightening when the captain of Hey Babe looks alot like my grandfather. Then there was Good Grief, as if any grief can be good. Ladybug, really? Cookie Monster.  No comment.

We have also seen many large sport fisherman vessels, like a large Viking or Hattaras, and they tend to use fishing terms like: Reel Time, Oh, Reely, and Reel It In.  We are rarely offended by the names.

Also, with the name there is the choice of font and color, don’t get me started.  Script rainbow fonts, stop the madness.

There are some normal names out there: Solidago, Renegade, Triumph, Ponderosa, Miss B Haven, Incognito, Independence, Avalon, Spirit, Prevail, Hiatus, Off the Grid, Chasing Daylight, Ocean Dreamin,  Sunset Chaser, Indian Summer and one of our favorites,  Roamin Holiday  (a big beautiful yacht).

It is our little pleasure in the day when we hear some craziness on the radio that makes us laugh.  There were two boats calling each other back in Big Majors:  No Worries and No Agenda, we liked that they were traveling together. I keep waiting to see some mega yacht with the name, Ponzi.

We spent a lot of time trying to name our boat, we toyed with : WSO Folly (my choice), 51MM, Mad d’cell, This side Up, Blind Spot, Knot the ‘gon and Empty Nest. I am not going to explain them all but they were too personal. We ended up with the Last Star (and forgive me if I have told you this before) because we were starting the adventure as our boys were out of the house, the empty nest. Instead of dwelling on the loss of something, we wanted to celebrate our boys.  I always tell my boys I love them past the last star…and back again.  So there you have it.


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