Powell Point


May 21, 2013 by Last Star blog

Powell Point

15 Maynorthern end

We briefly stopped here with the boys back in January but only spent an afternoon of snorkeling and hiking to the top of the hill.  We had spent some time looking for a path to the Atlantic side beach but we ran out of time that day, the boys wanted to snorkel on a wreck in the anchorage.  On this visit we rolled in at around 2pm, a perfect sailing day and a great anchorage here in Powell Point. Cooper has taken to finding a pillow for his head on just about anything.  Here he is during our sail over using the line for a pillow.

Nice pillow, mom.

Nice pillow, mom.

  We dropped anchor and dinghied (yes, I it’s a term!) over to the northern tip of Powell Point and I couldn’t believe the shells, finally!  We didn’t stay  long, just long enough to find one bean and know that we (well, I did) wanted to come back. Hank wanted to explore the other end of the island before we ran out of time before happy hour.  I find that is a hard limit with Hank! We piled back in the dinghy and ventured to the other end of the anchorage on the inside of the island. beach inside We were determined to find that path the boys and I looked for last time. Oh, it was pretty easy to see this time!  Obviously the cruisers have been at their usual junk collecting and signage montage making.

Cruiser's montage

Cruiser’s montage


tire The path looked  well marked, but as you can see, I was lucky to have my intrepid guide to take me through to the Atlantic side. guide  end of pathWell, let’s say most beaches here have nothing to collect but the rare and elusive bean, but shell covered beaches are hard to come by. I have found each beach has it’s thang, some is caspian needles, sea urchins, sea biscuits, washed up conch, and this beach had loads of tree stumps! tree roots    We discovered this huge aged log, someone had tried in vain to harvest it. I used Hank for scale. It was extremely hard wood (STS)!  hank on log2 hank on log1 We suspect it was teak, but are not sure. The beach and the water were beautiful, I wish we had found the path with the boys, they would have loved to swim in here. atlantic side panarama It was time for happy hour so we trekked back through the path and back to last star. <path back to dinghy> Here is the old wreck the boys dove on last time and you can see Hank is happy the DDM is done and we can head back for happy hour!wreck for diving 043 We have had some questions about what we eat and stuff. Our happy hours almost always have a snack, from chips & salsa to homemade tapenades and today, I made some crab dip in a newly purchased bowl!  006 Here is Happy Hank with his new nippers cup from Jed & Monica. 007 Now, everyday–yes, everyday, Cooper has to taste whatever we are having.  Mini could care less, she would rather hang on the deck and chase bugs, birds and butterflies.

I am so cute!

I am so cute!

  I do NOT feed him, Hank does!  This day there was some minor tiff between the two about some crackers and Hank taking the last one.



 As you  can see, they are NOT speaking! I relented and gave them one of my last crackers to split.  Cooper gave a nice thank you kiss, I think it should have been for me.



 We had an absolutely outstanding sunset, the nicest we have in a few weeks. 066 060  The next morning we went back to the beach with all the shells. I had to get the anchor bucket out of the dinghy, I have never found more than a handful of anything in 4.5 months! 083As I said earlier, it seems each beach has a plethora of something, this one had turtle beaks.  I haven’t had any internet so I can’t say exactly what they are, but they look like turtle beaks.  We debate about it, but I have found so few over the months it was hard to argue against a piece of shell, but today I found 27 of them and they are all so alike…the debate is back on! 003 (2) We spent a good hour hunting for beans and shells, the weather was cool, dry, and devine!  Time to pull anchor and head for Allens Pensacola. 


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  1. Monica says:

    Wish we were back with you all! Looks glorious. M

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