Allen’s Pensacola or is it Pensacoola?

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May 22, 2013 by Last Star blog


16 May.

As we prepare to leave, you guys have seen over 150 days of this routine, so writing about “routine” can be a bit of a challenge and also tedious to read…sorry.  So today I’m reviewing the photos taken on this day and will just give you a synopsis of what was important and maybe why we took the picture.  Remember, this blog is for us to in order to capture our year of folly.


So what the hell is this?  IT was a big blob of oil or tar about the size of a trashcan lid washed up on iron-shore.  It was all hard and crusty and just laying on top like a big piece of melted cheese (black cheese).  Well like any kid I had to play with it (Patricia was off looking for shells no doubt).  I took the thing in hand and folded it in half until it “cracked”.  The thing was insanely black and shiny inside.  I got the camera up close for a macro shot–I thought it was cool.


Here is the beach with the trail going to the other side of Allens Pensacola (AP), in general when you want to find a head-trail just look for the bar or collection of floats or buoys collected by the cruisers and you will find your trail.  085Years ago there was a US Navy missile tracking facility here so there is still some infrastructure like the pilings and other junk.  Patricia quickly found the trail and we were off to the other side–the Atlantic side.  086  After about a 10 minute walk through some interesting vegetation and terrain we popped out to this!  090.  When there is lot of debris many cruisers will collect and make a “signing” tree with boat names and dates.  There were tons of them here.  Here’s one for Cole if he reads the blog.  091.  We hiked the Atlantic beach south for quite a ways, it was ironshore to begin with then some sand.  We found very little!!  More DDM.  The missile site “ruins” consisted of one concrete obelisk thing (felt like it came from an episode of “Lost” from a few years ago) and an old asphalt pad.  We did find these little eggs on the beach, just in the middle of the sand? 092  No birds around it?  A few minutes later we saw two little birds on the ground looking a bit anxious so we assume it was theirs.

After the disappointing ruins I climbed a tree on the asphalt to see what else was nearby.  Well there was a beach but no apparent way to get to it.  Patricia in her determination to find sea-beans and more shells rooted out a sort of path (probably taken by feral pigs and other low crawling vermin) and got us to this beach. 093  Now this beach was more protected and only a portion faced the Atlantic.  We hoped to find sea-beans and shells in the washed up seaweed.  There was lots of seaweed…  096

needs a banana for scale!

needs a banana for scale!

.  This junk was nearly 3 feet deep in some places, stinky too.  Oh and we found nothing!!!  I was at the end of my DDM and Happy Hour was coming up.

We worked our way back through the low-crawling trail and back to the signing tree where I took this photo of my sweetheart 098.  Then back to the dinghy to get this snap of the restaurant that goes with the hotel at the other end of the beach.099

As I raced back to the boat with a grumbling in my stomach and a parched throat I was told I had to swing to the front of the boat to “take some pictures of the cat”.  YGTBSM!! Really, more pictures?  OK, here you go, from the art director (or is that dictator?)  Here’s Cooper on the bow 104, he’ll walk around the boat to where ever we bring the dinghy, as we go to the stern he now goes to the stern.  109

Now Mini is a different story, I think she fell on her head a lot as a kitten.  Our Bahamian courtesy flag has seen better days.  It has been thrashed since December and we only need it to last about one more week.  132  We wanted to replace it but the local store wanted $25 for something I paid $8 for in the states and I have a week to go.  So out came the sail-tape and I patched it best I could, bear in mind HALF of it is gone here.  Now I lower it every chance I get to keep it from flailing and getting further thrashed by the wind; I’ll even clip it to the shrouds when able.  Now back to dim Mini, the flag is “new” and a possible threat, it must be investigated133 131 141  Some folks wonder why people say cats have nine lives…. 137  Here she is no kidding trying to get up on the life-line (how ironic) to climb up and get the flag.  Maybe she is playing “Capture the flag” in her little feline mind.

Well finally Happy Hour, Patricia’s cat photo phrenzy was nearly over.  As we near the end of our trip we are getting deep into the bowels of our food stores and making little discoveries.  Like these awesome Publix “Deluxe mixed-nuts” which even though a bit past the “best by date” are still better than some of the nuts we’ve purchased here.



Now a few months back when Alek was here he indicated that he and his friends had discussed another “First World Problem”; these are mindless problems that plague us while in the Third World people have real problems like finding clean water and food.  A First World Problem is having your battery die on your iPhone for example.  The problem they had was the issue when you pour out salsa and you have more salsa then chips so then you get more chips but then you have too many chips and not enough salsa so you pour out more salsa then….well you get the idea.  Well here’s how I solve this issue.  I take any remaining chips and salsa and just put them in one of the bowls and stir…112 I call it salsa cereal and don’t knock it until you try it.  It also grosses out Patricia therefore I don’t have to share it!!  Triumph.  One can take it to the next level by just adding beer and you have a whole happy hour in a bowl.  Maybe I could market this, send it into space with the astronauts in a tube–the salsa cereal in the tube, not the astronauts.

Well, I close this madness with another photo from the art director 152, some sunset photos161 and we had a seagull see us eating dinner and it wanted food; imagine that.  The presence of the seagull drove Mini nuts….but what doesn’t.  176 169 (2)


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