Double Breasted….ahh sweet mother’s milk what could be better?


May 24, 2013 by Last Star blog

18 May

Well after our little early foray onto the scary beach at Strangers we wanted to get an earlier start to Double Breasted in case the wind died again on us mid-day.  As soon as we got back to the boat we pulled anchor and off we were; it was so calm we thought the daily chores of breakfast dishes, cat hair collecting, and litter box scooping (all chores the Admiral does with great cheer) could be done underway.  We started with full main and head-sail and wind at 120 degrees and a full 3 knots!! What, does the wind only blow at night here when I am trying to sleep??  OK, more fooling around with the sails and finally we settled on this and were seeing solid 4’s and 5’s on the knot meter.061 Getting the sails changed, stowed and set is a bit of a sweat-fest and I had little help from the crew 080  Here is Mini holding the line for the head sail; notice the lack of attention and the weak grip on the line.  One gust and that’s going to run right out of her hand.

A few hours later we are arriving at Double Breasted, stowing the spinnaker and motoring into some shallow water looking for a spot and greeted with this!  073 072 068 067 065 064 This was an amazing stop, the tide was high and rising but we still found some very shallow water.  Patricia was out front looking for rocks and had her toes curled to match my hands on the wheel.  We had no business rooting around back in there trying to find a spot.  We finally bailed on the shallow water anchorage due to current and went out a bit further.  The current would make us swing and that’s not a way to meet your neighbors.

We went ashore naturally and I took these panoramic shots panoramic montage and did a bit of DDM and swimming.  You have to swim in water like this right!?  Oh and wonders of wonders Patricia found a Hamburger bean!  All sadness from the day prior  evaporated.

Well wouldn’t you know it, about the time we got back to the boat the wind was filling in nicely from the southeast leaving us exposed again–one of the boats in the protected channel that made it too tight before had now left but the water was now getting lower–bad thing.  So again we pull the anchor, set our sights on the next stop and motor to Grand Cay.  This was a harbor, well protected and only 4 miles away–a no brainer.  Grand Cay is about the only little settlement way up here and doing a brisk business with sport fishermen from Florida.  We’ll fill you in on the town tomorrow!

After a swim...

After a swim…


One thought on “Double Breasted….ahh sweet mother’s milk what could be better?

  1. Mini looks so cute and your photos are pawesome! =^.^=

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