Last stop at OBB….Old Bahama Bay


May 28, 2013 by Last Star blog

Last stop at OBB….Old Bahama Bay

21 May

After Grand Cay and the night from hell with the dragging anchor we were glad to escape with no damage.  We set out for Mangrove Cay in the middle of the Sea of Abaco.  It is 25 miles SW of Grand Cay and is just a pile of sand and mangroves–its only purpose is to provide  a stop and some refuge for sailors and cruisers.  Patricia and I have been playing a game where we guess how many other cruisers will be in the anchorage that night–in this case I guessed one to her zero.  I was the winner this time.  We anchored in some nice sand, no one near us for 300 yards and could drag backwards with the wind for a quarter mile with no worry.  Naturally with the sand we did not drag a foot.  Why is it that when you have the room you don’t drag, when things are tight or sketchy sure as shit you drag?

The next morning we got up to partly cloudy skies and a favorable wind.  We needed some rising water for the “Indian Cut” to get to OBB and didn’t push off until about 1030.  All was going well for a while–naturally.  The wind was pushing us along nicely but kept getting more and more astern, lighter and lighter and the clouds were building.  We ended up with the spinnaker for the last hour or so.  We took the spinnaker down before we reached the Indian Cut and proceeded on the diesel. Shortly after that we were on the anchor as Patricia suggested the BLACK skies might be less than ideal for getting through the cut.  I said fine, we’ll just wait here and proceed after the storm passed.  I went below to start dinner–my famous Coriander Coconut Indian Curry chicken.  While I was below slicing and dicing Patricia was counting water spouts and lightning strikes–I find cooking relaxing sometimes.  Well like most severe thunderstorms they pass quickly and this one did too.

We lifted the anchor after about an hour and finished the last 5-6 miles to Old Bahama Bay.  It was odd to see the first place we stopped into in the Bahamas last December.  They had spruced up the place dramatically, they actually had a load of new bikes to ride into town, Sharon was still at the dock taking reservations (we helped her last December buy a iPad for her daughter on e-Bay) and the place felt like a familiar old shoe.  When we checked the weather we saw we had to push out the next day for the weather window to cross back to the states so we couldn’t check out the place too much.  We had a great week there last December waiting for Cole but that would not be the case this time.  Had to go!

Here’s a picture of our last spot in the Bahamas and the last sunset.

Last view off the bow in Bahamas; very similar to the first view.....

Last view off the bow in Bahamas; very similar to the first view…..

Sunset off our starboard side

Sunset off our starboard side


2 thoughts on “Last stop at OBB….Old Bahama Bay

  1. Cole Castelain says:

    this makes me sad

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