On the road again…..


June 3, 2013 by Last Star blog

So after languishing at Lake Worth for 24 hours we needed to get going north on the inter-coastal water way; commonly known as the ICW.  Don’t  know why it is not the ICWW, the Army Corps of Engineers owns it and that is probably why the name is jacked.

Some homes in the ICW leaving Lake Worth

Some homes in the ICW leaving Lake Worth

So our trip starts with a myriad of draw bridges to negotiate to make any headway.  The first four are based on hitting any one of the four and going 6 knots/hour and you will nail them all.  We hit the first and are on our way.   At the second bridge we are number 3 in line with a sport fisherman as number 2 and another sailboat as the lead boat.  We get through number 2 without a hitch.  As we get to number 3 bridge we are all piling up near the bridge as the operator is a bit late in opening it.  The current and wind can wreak havoc when the boats pile up and the bridge operators want you close to get you through as quick as possible.  So the bridge finally goes up about 3 minutes late.  Then by the time we get through the bridge we are about 6 minutes into the 30 minute period to get to the next bridge opening.  I’m scratching my head as to why the sailboat is going about 2 knots too slow when we are already late?  We lose about another 3 minutes this way when he pulls over and drops anchor right in the middle of the channel in front of a house??  OK, so now we’re screwed.  There is no way to make up the time to the next bridge and we just lost our “lead” boat to make the call.  We call the next bridge and tell him we are in route and will be there on the half-hour, please open the bridge (white lie).  We get there 2 minutes late and he says since there was no one there for the scheduled opening he has to stick to the next one—30 minutes later.  Great!!  SO we spin for half-an-hour.  After 2 hours of motoring we’ve gone 8 miles…..long day.

Boat house with a Swiss feeling about it...Maybe there is yodeling here on the weekend

Boat house with a Swiss feeling about it…Maybe there is yodeling here on the weekend

The rest of the day was better as the next bridges were the 64′ high bridges you pass underneath as needed.

Here’s the lighthouse at Jupiter, shallow spot here, we cleared it but some have to wait for the high tide.


We ended the day in Melbourne in a nice little anchorage surrounded by condos and tucked in nicely for the easterly wind.  Good sand and good holding means good sleeping.

As we sat near Melbourne we got some internet and saw from our friend Nancy on Renegade that there was a missile launch from Cape Canaveral that night.  We weren’t that close but we’d give it a look as it was after sunset and might be cool


As the rocket continued to outer space you could see the parts it was dropping flaming up in the atmosphere and leaving a trail of debris–all pretty cool.  Shortly after the rocket launch we had the moon rise….again cool


Now as we sat musing about these celestial events we noticed the glaring discrepancy in what passes for a pirate depending on where you sit.

Two Tervis Tumblers (alliteration, my fave)

Two Tervis Tumblers (alliteration, my fave)

On the left is the “Nippers” pirate patch in a Tervis tumbler.  I suspect that Mr. Nipper drew him on a bar napkin 30 years ago.



On the right is the Tervis idea of what a pirate or Jolly Roger should look like.

arrrghhhh Matey! And with better teeth than the Nipper's pirate

arrrghhhh Matey! And with better teeth than the Nipper’s pirate

Well we still owe you a sunset and some cat photos so lets see what I have here…

Looking west (obviously) with the Condos in the foreground

Looking west (obviously) with the Condos in the foreground

Note the lurker on the left side....he's starting to worry me......weirdo!!

Note the lurker on the left side….he’s starting to worry me……weirdo!!


4 thoughts on “On the road again…..

  1. Beth says:

    HAHA…your cat photo bombed you !!! Empty Tervis tumblers…..never a good thing….fill those puppies up and enjoy that gorgeous sunset….Fair winds as you continue to make your way home……

    • Cooper is just one BIG photo bomb(er). The Tervis Tumblers are only empty for demonstration purposes you understand!!!!! We’re trying to figure out ways to diversify the blog….not easy. Parts of the trip are like the shampoo bottle “rinse-lather-repeat”. Good for us, bad for blog interest.
      Truth be told we are “home” and on the stands in a Marina working our butts off. Hot and humid Florida but the maintenance effort will pay off for the rest of the summer’s ICW cruise.
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. Scott "Dobs"Stevenson says:

    As I sit in front of my monitor, reading your blog, with a report that I really don’t want to write waiting to be written, I think you’ve made a great decision to do what you’ve done. Our 10 year delay in child #2 sort of pre-empted our plans for this sort of adventure (except we would have been Cat folks with no cats:)). Ended up in our own slice of paradise (as you know from your time at Eglin), but would have loved to have your experience from the last year.


    • Dobs,
      thanks for the words. There’s still time to pull this off. Most of the folks we see doing this are 60+ yrs, not early 50s. We were very lucky the timing worked out. Saw your big fish (Red Snapper?) from the other day. Nice work.

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