Fort Matanzas, Fl

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June 25, 2013 by Last Star blog

The Fort

The Fort

We came around the bend in the ICW and we could see the fort from the other side of the bayou. It was small but impressive; I always like that about things. Our Skipper’s Bob guide said we could just head up the river and throw the anchor. Cole was a little leery of this approach as he had heard some unnerving stories about us and anchoring in the ICW, and there was HUGE current! Needless to say, we threw caution to the wind and threw the anchor. Of course, it held! We arrived in time for more thunderstorms. I think Cole’s visit with us should be titled ‘two weeks of T-heads.’ Honestly, I think it stormed every afternoon, and some all-days. Not to mention the heat. The next day we ventured off for a tour of the Fort.018 You cannot land a dinghy on the fort dock, you have to take the ferry. At the ferry dock there is a sign for the ‘wild oysters’ cause the domestic oysters are your household pets, right? I had to take the photo.019 Of course, they are sharp as shit and landing the dinghy was a challenge. Here is the dinghy on yet another beach, not quite the beaches we have become accustomed to.017 However, wild oysters give iron shore a run for the money in dinghy ripping potential. Of course, it was Africa HOT, but the tour was interesting and the sights pretty cool. As usual, no one could answer to question on the ferry: What makes an officer? I was thinking all kinds of ridiculous things, but I was way off. The answer: reading and writing. LOL. He gets his own room for that? Anyway, here we are at the Fort, sweating our asses off…as per Cole’s whole trip.028 Here is the Last Star from the officer’s window.

An officer's view of the Last Star

An officer’s view of the Last Star

Cole thinking about block ice, mutiny and maybe his flight home?

thinking cooling thoughts...or mutiny.

thinking cooling thoughts…or mutiny.

And of course, we had to capture the boat in the background.024 As if the heat wasn’t enough in the Fort we opted to take the nature path after. There was some mighty-fine foot work by Cole as he was attacked by bugs on the hike. He isn’t used to 99% humidity, 92 degrees of heat, AND bugs that bite! Thank goodness he is such a good sport! Or maybe it is a good thing we have a great Happy hour on the boat? By the time we got back to the boat we all pretty shiny and sweaty. Cole jumped into the river and right back out, he doesn’t dig dark water. Too many episodes of River Monsters? It seems the whole time he has been with us the weather has either been trying to melt him or electrify him. Truly, he is a great sport. He has a great sense of humor, you’d have to, to run in this crowd.021

cheese and rice (Jesus Christ) it's HOT!

cheese and rice (Jesus Christ) it’s HOT!


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