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June 27, 2013 by Last Star blog

It was Cole’s last day with us, I know, sad-sauce for all parties.  However, that doesn’t stop work to be done on the Last Star.  Yes, another trip up the mast for me!  Yippee, I was so excited, I almost called a lawyer.  Honestly, it isn’t so bad anymore…yeah, right.  Our wind indicator has been giving us false readings and one of the spreader lights is out.  I am always more comfortable going up the mast with more than one handler…did I say that right?  With Cole there, I knew the insurance money was not the goal.  Up I went.  Disassembled the wind indicator and came back down.  Hank went to work to clean it up and then, up I went again.  Well, as usual, while I was up there…there was some discussion down below.  I think I was up there for hours.  Ok, maybe it was 20 minutes, but it felt like hours.  Here was my view. I could see the city.

St. Augustine from above

St. Augustine from above

The whole mooring field.

Our neighbors

Our neighbors

The Spanish Galeon we toured. 059 And of course, the crew below heckling me.

Cole's view...OMG

Cole’s view…OMG

My view...yikers.

My view…yikers.

As you can see from this shot, I had my feet well wrapped around anything I could.  When I got down my legs were white from the mast and my blue toe polish had been rubbed off.   Funny thing, when I was going back up the second time, I kept thinking:  wow, what are these blue marks all over the mast?  It was hours later I realized it was toe polish from my toes trying desperately to cling to anything…yes, monkey like!

Of course, it was STILL AFRICA HOT and I saw Cole watching the clock.  I don’t think it was really, “just looking forward to seeing Alek,” as he said.  Probably more like: “please, Alek hurry and deliver me from hell.”  I don’t blame him, I think I thought that too…a few times.  Maybe more than a few times.  Since we have been in St. Augustine, Cole has endured crazy extreme weather; Hot, humid, and pouring rain.  The funnest times are always trips to and from the big boat in the dinghy in pelting rain.  One night we waited in the cruiser’s lounge for the deluge to stop after our showers, watching bad Law & Order SVU.  Of course, it was only made better by a young volunteer off the Galeon hating on the Law & Order???? Our other option was ‘the Princess Bride.’  Need I say more?

Alek showed up and the boys goofed off, as only brothers can.  079081072 Naturally, their favorite pastime is mocking and joking with their Dad.  Here they are saluting him at every turn, driving Hank crazy.  There is nothing better than the sound of sibling laughter.  It was odd to see Cole jump in the car with Alek and drive away…aren’t they supposed to be little still?  They are both such great sports about this whole crazy adventure their parents have chosen to partake in.  Alek dutifully shows up with packages and mail we barrage him with, always with a smile and a ‘no worries, Mom.’ 075 This time he brought us NEW PHONES!  Hank has his own phone and has embraced texting.  A miracle, I know.  I finally got a smart phone, YEEHAW!  Right now, the most important app is the weather radar.

We felt badly about the gawd-awful weather we had while Cole was with us.  He was so great about it all, too.  It was miserably hot.  Sweaty, sticky, WTH is with this weather hot, and yet he always had a smile and a joke.  What a trooper.077  Although, there were times I thought we was planning his escape and I suspect he was texting Alek:  hurry, bro.   Alek picked him up and hauled him back to Orlando to catch his flight the next day.  A/C reprieve.  We were sad to see them leave, as always.  I know they are doing what they are supposed to be doing right now.  Doesn’t stop us from worrying about them or missing them, but they are great boys and we are so very lucky to call them ours. Even if their parents are crazy, cheese and rice.

Great kids.

Great kids.


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