Different taste of St Augustine

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June 28, 2013 by Last Star blog

Today was our first day alone again after nearly 3 weeks.  Yesterday our number one son came and took away number two son and we were again empty nesters.  It was odd to see the two 6 footers crossing the street to become part of the traffic as opposed to when before we had to tell them to watch for traffic.

St Augustine has been just marginally kind to us.  Last December when we came through the wind and rain were howling.  We used the Marina’s water taxi just to stay dry as it was too rough for the dinghy.  The last week as Cole endured the heat and rain we were often getting soaked or trying to stay cool.  Today was different; maybe Cole took the bad weather with him.

St Augustine is very much a touristy area; particularly along the waterfront where we are parked.  The last few days (the weekend) were a maelstrom of people, traffic, and jostling of humanity.  Saturday night we went out to eat and elected to go to the “Crusiers Grill” as it is a bit off the waterfront, specializes in hamburgers (surprise) and doesn’t do the usual fried or blackened fish with coleslaw and hush puppies.

Here we are at the restaurant with Cole

Good lookin' couple....

Good lookin’ couple….

Better lookin' couple

Better lookin’ couple

Today after doing some laundry, cleaning up, moping about our departed little one we decided move the boat to the other side of the bridge to get an easier start tomorrow.  We joked that after moving the boat the scenery changed and we were now in a different town.  We went ashore and went left rather than right and saw a whole different view of St Augustine.  There were some lovely B&Bs, amazing old and well maintained houses, and some nice historical markers about the town.  As we strolled on our DDM we gravitated back towards the touristy section and elected to take a different street to our favorite little bakery; Bon Ami. http://bonamiconfections.com/

We hit this bakery last Fall, the other day with Cole and we were back again.  The chocolate chip cookies are awesome, Patricia loves Ginger Molassas, and they had something new called Lemon Basil.  All terrific.  Also the brownies are a must.

Well it was about 95 degrees outside or at least it felt like it so as we rounded the corner on Hypolita to go to Bon Ami I saw Hyppo Popsicle on the corner with Key Lime flavor featured for the day.  Now the other day at the movies (we saw World War Z and there were no Cherry bombs; for the knowledgeable you know what I’m talking about….but I digress) before the movie they run those lame local ads, well there was an ad for the Hyppo Pops and they looked pretty good.  So I’m IN!!  http://thehyppo.com/  OK, these Popsicle were $3.50 and let me tell you a bargain at twice the price!!  Creamy, flavorful, wonderful.  Patricia got coconut and Pistachio…..I don’t even like those flavors and I ate half of hers.  IF you ever get near this place have one of these Popsicles, they have like a dozen flavors.  The Key Lime was awesome too.  As we chilled and enjoyed our frozen treats we regretted not walking down here with Alek and Cole to get a treat with them the day prior—damn 20/20 hindsight.

Oh and you cat photo of the day…..

No idea what is going on in this head.....doesn't like to be touched, will crawl into any towel, blanket, comforter!?

No idea what is going on in this head…..doesn’t like to be touched, will crawl into any towel, blanket, comforter!?



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