Boats, Barges & Bridges


June 30, 2013 by Last Star blog

Boats, Barges & Bridges…the way to Jacksonville

We left St. Augustine under blue skies and I couldn’t resist taking a panaroma of the view in the mooring as we dropped the mooring and began our trek up toward Jacksonville.

Lovely, lovely St. Augustine...until next time!

Lovely, lovely St. Augustine…until next time!

We spent the night off of Blount Island just a few miles away from Jacksonville.  It was a lovely quiet anchorage until yet another thunderstorm came our way.  Cooper was still HOT and Mini never tires of watching everything go by.

Still HOT

Still HOT

Whats that? No, what is that?  And that?

Whats that? No, what is that? And that?

You can see the thunderstorm rolling in over the power plant beyond Blount Island.

Before the storm

Before the storm

Checking the Doppler Radar app...

Checking the Doppler Radar app…

With the storm rolling in.

With the storm rolling in.

The beauty in the surrounding area never disappoints us.  Every anchoring has its own beauty and allure.

The next morning we woke to beautiful blue skies and just a few miles to journey up river to Jacksonville.  There is supposed to be a free marina with power just in the shade of the Jacksonville Jaguar stadium, we will see.

On our little journey up river, we were blessed some very impressive sights along the riverside. The first thing we see is a large barge passing our anchorage…now we had heard the Captain on the radio calling it the ‘Cape Henry’ so of course, Hank wants to see it.  Well it is actually the ‘Cap Henri.’  Oh, ROFL..  with bubbleThese cranes reminded me of dinosaurs. 040 037 033 035 You can see the bridge up ahead as well.  045

yet another panoramic shot..

yet another panoramic shot..

There were three bridges to go under before we reached Jacksonville and each one was a different style and a different color.  The sail was not without entertainment!  It started with a large barge gaining on us with serious speed.  Hank raised them on the VHF and agreed to pull over to let them pass.  It was very impressive to watch the tugs maneuver such a massive ship. 069 050 055  As we were pulling over and cutting the engines, 2 dolphins were off our nose and they turned and headed right for me.  I couldn’t catch them on film, Cheese & rice!  We turned and followed the tug and barge through the first bridge.  Just stunning! 060  The next two bridges were not quite as impressive, but graceful and striking in their own right.  081 079 073 The barge traffic was pretty heavy today and we saw several of them with these large bow wave, I kept thinking dolphin would be jumping out of them any minute, but it never happened.  063 In the end we passed all the traffic, under the bridges, watched the dolphin and enjoyed blue skies into Jacksonville. 082  The cats didn’t want to be overshadowed by the events on the water, so they provided their own side show. Along the way Cooper had snuggled into his usual place in the cubbies in the cockpit and Mini managed to wedge herself into his personal space, as always.  She started by basically parking her ass right on his head.  He just moved his head.  Then she put both hind feet in his ears, he lifted his head and her feet fell off.  He gave her: “the look.”  Things quieted down for a while. Cooper is finally sleeping peacefully when Mini’s tail flicks into his face.

Mini, the personal space invader

Mini, the personal space invader

And here is Cooper after he has had enough of the flicking into his personal space. 024 I can’t say I blame him as this went on for a while!  All in all, it was a very entertaining day on the river into Jacksonville.


One thought on “Boats, Barges & Bridges

  1. Cheoy Lee says:

    Hey, who needs human captains when you’ve got cats running the show? 😉

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