The High and the Low

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July 5, 2013 by Last Star blog

As the western part of the country roasts due to the High pressure dominating the west, we sit here in Jacksonville under the counterpart Low that is funneling moisture from the Gulf of Mexico across Florida and up the eastern seaboard.  We are on day 6 here (max stay 72 hrs) and having trouble leaving.  The air conditioning is divine and the humidity is demonic so here we sit.  Today in fact our power ran out at 1230ish PM.  Patricia and I had a wonderful lunch at noon and planned to depart as soon as our AC (read as meth addiction) was over.  When the power stopped we elected to go for a short walk around the park for some exercise (hesitate to call it that) as it was low tide and we wanted a few extra inches of water to get out of here.  We only had about 2.5 hours to motor to Blount Island for the evening.  Well after our walk as we returned to the boat the sky was threatening …..020

….so we discussed leaving in the rain, spending the night at Blount with no power or leaving tomorrow morning at high tide (better current running to the ocean) after another night here with AC.  Well we have AC!!  Tomorrow we leave-promise.  In fact Scott the “dock master” made an appearance and asked how long we would be here; I told him we leave tomorrow.  He reminded me there was a 72 hour limit, I told him our neighbors (zero boats) didn’t mind our over-staying.  We are parked in site of the TV headquarters here, oddly both NBC and ABC are under the same roof.  You’ve seen the 1000 ft antennae in a previous post that I superimposed behind the mast through some clever photography.  Well the transmission doesn’t come from there (?) but another set of towers about 8 miles from here.  Either way we don’t get too many channels here.  We got 50ish from Orlando but about 15 from Jacksonville. So we watch MeTV a lot lately.  The other day was Batman, Lost in Space, Lone Ranger, Adam-12, Dragnet, and the list goes on….wow TV sucked back then.  There’s a nostalgic appeal in “Kapow” but that stuff was crap.

Oh yesterday I am walking on the dock to go feed another $8.56 into my electric addiction when walking back I see this big brown dog snooping around on B dock and sniffing and looking generally irritated when he sniffs the water and then gently sort of glides in!  WTF?  Where did he come from and I already know there is NO way he is getting out.  You can’t see it in the photos but the docks even though they float are about 18 inches above the water level.  So I have two choices, go help scooter, or let him drown.  Easy choice but how to help him.  With the big thick collar I’ll just grab him and hoist him out, even without the crossfit it will be cake.  So Scooter sees me coming and he wants nothing to do with me!  I try to be non-threatening and bring him towards me but no luck.  I keep walking along one of the finger piers but now he is getting irritated and growls at me…himmm what was the second choice again?  What to do?  Well there’s the Fire Dept. Rescue there!  He’s a dog in water, not a Cat up a tree but hey the Fire Dept guys should handle this right?  So I go knock on their door, explain the situation and the guy just “goes into action”!  He’s got a noose in the rescue boat (hits a big red button and the boat lowers into the water automatically), sticks head back into building and hollers at his counterpart.  In about a minute and half he is joining me on the dock with noose, boat hook and partner close behind.  Well turns out the big brown dog was getting in the water to help his “girl-friend” a pit-bull that was also in the water (why he was irritated) and sort of perched under the ramp clinging to a log with her ass pressed against the pilings covered in oysters and other rough material.  The brown dog rejoined her under the ramp and the firemen were able to get the noose-thing around their necks and drag them to safety.  At this point the dogs acted a bit crazed and additionally stupid (as dogs are prone to do) then scampered up the metal ramp and back out into the park.  Hats off to the firemen for their quick action.

So before I sat down to write this I downloaded our recent photos…..19 pics in 2 days.  ALL cats!!  That is what happens when Patricia goes unsupervised.  In addition, she is sending the kids pix of the cats via her smart-phone.  There’s a limit on Cat pix I think.  Below you will find what goes on here from the cats POV.  This is only a fraction, after 6 days below in the cool they are building up some energy according to Patricia.  I don’t know how being below is different for them from being up on deck?  It’s all the same 43 feet, seems they would prefer the cooler air.  I know we do and we don’t have fur coats.

What are you guys doing?  "nothing....meow"

What are you guys doing? “nothing….meow”

"don't do it..."

“don’t do it…”

"leave my feet alone..."

“leave my feet alone…”

"whap... whap...whap..."

“whap… whap…whap…”

"don't make me bite you there..."

“don’t make me bite you there…”

"I'm rid of her up here...I AM the king!!"

“I’m rid of her up here…I AM the king!!”

"this is just not comfortable..."

“this is just not comfortable…”

"this is too soft"

“this is too soft”

"who invited you up here"

“who invited you up here”

"Bring on the heat"

“Bring on the heat”

To Grunt I apologize in advance for the post.  To the cat lovers out there this one is for you.


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