Fernadina Beach


July 7, 2013 by Last Star blog


We remembered Fernadina Beach from our trip down as a very small town with not much to offer other than a quaint historic center.  Well, either we were ICW zombies when we came through or more likely we were simply too rushed to spend much time here.  It is a great small town with a variety of culinary treats and the oldest bar in Florida!  We found a great ice cream shop with famous fudge, we had ice cream but the fudge slices were about a half-pound each.  Not our bag, man.  As it was the 4th of July weekend it was teeming with tourists.  We walked for hours and found the city and the people very captivating.

We came via an ocean route, we were tired of the ICW and were happy to be on the open ocean again.  The cats were thrilled that we were no longer on the dock and they could roam as they pleased, which really means they just slept outside instead of inside.  Cooper and I were a little green around the gills in the beginning as the incoming ocean waves were butted up against the outgoing tides…stand up, sit down, sick up!  After some napping we were both much better.  We saw about 6 shrimpers out there working their nets, I always think they are so graceful006 The birds behind them make them seem a little like Pig Pen in a Charlie Brown comic as they look like dust behind the boats.  The dolphins stream behind the boats as well, picking up tidbits and playing in their waves.  We saw a very large sea-turtle who seemed to be thrashing in the water with only one flipper above the water line, as if he was either waving hello or hailing us for help.  We were both horrified at the idea he could be trapped in a line, net or bag as they so often are.  As we got closer we realized it was not actually a very large turtle but two turtles, and he was not a he but a she and she was not waving hello or hailing us for help (well maybe she was) but waving us off from intruding on their romantic venture.  We were aghast at our faux-paux and made some lame apologies and sailed away.  Laughing at our relief that it was not hurt, just having turtle sex.   We saw four F15-C close to Jacksonville, I think Hank was missing his cross country larks, oh wait, he is still on a cross country lark.

As we approached the channel to the inlet the marker bouys were rocking making the bells sing their sad  forlorn songs, I love that sound.009We sailed into the Fernadina inlet and passed this large paper mill.  EEE GAD the smell. 019 It was short lived and then it just smelled like a fresh ream of paper, oooo the possibilities.   We took a mooring ball and dinghied into the marina.  We spent two full days walking around and poking into places, and eating ice cream.  We had fantastic fried oysters and shrimp tacos at Timoti’s, yummmmmy

Great Shrimp Tacos

Great Shrimp Tacos

We stepped into the Palace to have a beer at the oldest bar in Florida but the cloud of cigar smoke made my stomach lurch and my eyes burn, so we skipped it.  There are so many places to eat and drink in this tiny town, how could we have missed all this the first time?  Like I said, I think we were ICW zombies.  Here is a photo tour of this lovely southern town. 032 045 033 035 036 031 037 041 042 038

I love this, it's to die for.

I love this, it’s to die for.


Today is (was by the time you read this or we get internet to post it)the 4th of July and we are excited to watch the fireworks from the boat.  The fireworks barge pulls in and shoots them in our harbor, so it should be spectacular.  The mooring field has filled up…if you are not watching the show, you  are part of the show.   Another adorable beach town and finally a break in the rain! 010

So, here is the daily cat saga.  They have been very very playful lately, chasing each other through the boat for long stretches.  We replaced a rug we hated with a better rug(better but not perfect) but this one is just a throw and they love to push it all up in the corner or get under it when they are playing.  Here is a photo essay of their play today.  They make us laugh with their antics.

Nice hiding spot, wonder where Cooper went?

Nice hiding spot, wonder where Cooper went?

shhhh...she has no idea where I am, right?

shhhh…she has no idea where I am, right?


Have you seen her yet? Is she close?

Have you seen her yet? Is she close?


Idiot!! I  knew where you were the whole time!

Idiot!! I knew where you were the whole time!


No fair, I told you told her.

No fair, I told you told her.



2 thoughts on “Fernadina Beach

  1. Dave and Jen says:

    Dear Admiral and Cap’n,

               I just recently found your blog. My executive secretary (I can call her that as she is not present) asked me to start researching sailboats as we want to start learning for when we are ready to retire. So of course I searched for the one we would like to skip around in when we are ready for it and found your beauty. I’m not too big on blog reading but anything titled “and now for something completely different” deserves at least a peek!! One post and we were hooked. It took about a month or so to read thru them all (we are not yet floating around from beach to beach waiting on happy hour…grrr) but it is amazing how much we are alike. We are cat lovers (one more than the other),  we love to compliment (rag on) each other, and have a great love for our children. You are a bit ahead of us as we still have one of two in the nest for 5 more years. Watching your travels is like a preview of ours to come. The admiral and my secretary even have the same salute!!! Why do we only get it when we have witty comments for them? Maybe it’s only when they need one of something. Haven’t quite put it together yet. We are in Lake Mary, fl. I think Daytona is the closest port. Sorry we missed you!! Would have loved to meet up for happy hour!! If you are ever back in the area please let us know. I own a sports bar so I have access to unlimited sources of alcohol. Happy hour is on me!! (cruisers always know how to find the best deals..nudge nudge wink wink) Small cost..we would love to pick your brains about your cruising adventures.

    Dave and Jen
    (future cruisers..hopefully)

    • Dave and Jen,
      thanks for following along, sorry we missed you too as we would LOVE Happy Hour in a sports bar!!! AC, Cool drinks, lots of lies about sailing etc!!!! We’ll look you up if we are southbound next fall! Glad you are enjoying our antics and keep following your dream. Our trip into the Bahamas was a lifetime of great memories. Fl and Ga heat so far this summer are NOT!! Damn its hot.
      Best wishes

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