St. Simons Island, GA

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July 13, 2013 by Last Star blog

St. Simons Island, GA

It was just a hop skip and a jump to St. Simons from Jekyll, an easy day on the ICW.  We saw quite a few beautiful homes!  Seems Georgia has some one living anywhere and everywhere along the water.  We saw huge homes, little homes, and love shacks in the reeds.  I guess it is true what they say: location, location, location.

When we took diesel from the guys in Jekyll he said, “Y’all are kinda late aren’t y’all?”  Hmmn, not the first time we’ve heard that.  We always respond in the same way, “We were having toooooo much fun in the Bahamas to leave in April and stayed an extra month.”  “Well, that’s about the best reason I’ve heard to be in Georgia in July.”  What about NC in August????  Did I mention it’s been AFRICA HOT?  Didn’t they film Biloxi Blues around here?  And Mathew Broderick was so right when he said: “ Man it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.”  Neither can Jane.

So, when we  found our little anchorage at St. Simons by the Golden Isles marina, it was no surprise we were the only boat there…again.  We had stopped in this very same spot to wait for high tide on our way south and it had quite a few boats, just like the anchorage at Jekyll had been packed and we were the only ones there going north.  Okay, we are a weeee bit late heading north, I get it!

St. Simons is a very very cute town. The area is very built up with homes, yacht clubs, golf courses, hotels.  It is the most developed of the Georgia barrier islands, so if you want quiet go to Jekyll, if you want groceries stores and a regular town feel, head to St. Simon.  We talked the Golden Isles Marina into letting us rent some bikes from them.  At first they were all, no, no we don’t rent to people who aren’t paying for a slip.  Then when Hank pointed out that they had no transients, whatsoever, on their docks…who was going to rent all those bikes?  They relented and off we went.  It was either that or a taxi into the historic village and it is only 3 miles…much better on a bike.  Even in this heat.

A girlie bike and it matches my outfit, lol.

A girlie bike and it matches my outfit, lol.

The historic district is very quaint, lots of shops, a large municipal pool, a lighthouse and museum and the whole thing sits on the beach.  It has more shopping and restaurants than Jekyll, but it is not as nice or as lovely as say, Fernadina Beach.

Now here is a telephone bench I could get alone with...

Now here is a telephone bench I could get alone with…

7 13 blog photos 013 7 13 blog photos 011 7 13 blog photos 010 7 13 blog photos 007 7 13 blog photos 004 7 13 blog photos 003

We biked through some really pretty areas along the golf course and country club.  We walked through town but we got very thirsty…so we ended up at a bar for beer and snacks.  Mullet Bay.  It reminded us of Niceville with their Mullet Festival.  Hank was craving chips and salsa and it was the only place in town to serve it???

The beer was great!

The beer was great!

The food was marginal and the music was from the early 60’s, of course so was the bar tender. I can only listen to the Cascades for so long.  The bike trip back was much cooler.

Okay, so we see benches and pavers dedicated to people all the time along these coastal towns.  I think people just love the beach and the water, overall.  My husband has a crazy sense of humor that never seems to stop and keeps me laughing, no matter what the scene.  So, we are walking around and we see these pavers.7 13 blog photos 006 7 13 blog photos 005

But of course, Hank changes them up to entertain me. According to Hank, this is what they should look like.

7 13 blog photos  006a 7 13 blog photos 005a

(I changed them in photoshop, cause I can.)

I saw these t-shirts in a shop window and wondered if there were trying to tell us that eating flesh was a laxative?

7 13 blog photos 002sorry, no cats today.  They are on a modeling strike.




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