Last Star…floating petri-dish


July 19, 2013 by Last Star blog

Last Star…floating petri-dish

We are still sick.  Can you believe it?  It has got to be the flu.  This is day 7 for Hank and I can’t remember what day for me.  Here is the list of our ailments:  fever, chills, cough, sneezing, weeping eyes, runny nose, and body aches. Every day feels like someone beat us while we were sleeping. We are lucky if we can make the 6 block walk to the Harris-teeter.  That just about kills us.  We have both had 48 hours in bed, literally, not leaving the cave that is the bedroom.  It is making us crazy.  We have watched an entire season of Dexter, Weeds, and some very bad movies!  LOL.  Warm Bodies:  okay?  Zombies cured by love!  World War Z it was not. Now, Hank makes this zombie noise trying not to cough.  CRACKS me up.  We have moments of hilarity followed by a nap. Here we are in one of the most charming and wonderful cities in the states, Charleston, and we have been here a week and not left the marina.  Taking showers drains us.  I have given up drying the hair as my arms are like noodles. Cooking is done in stages.  We joke that we have never both been sick at the same time, in 30 years!  Neither of us can remember being this sick in 15-20 years.  We are enjoying our pity-party!  Seriously, we are very miserable.  Cole is coming in a week to join us and we are just praying that we can be up for a happy hour out on town when he shows up, we may need a nap, but still.

Bear with us on the blog.  I promise some beautiful pictures of Charleston soon, as soon as I can go outside without wanting to crawl back in the bed.

On another sad note, our Last Star is officially on the market. It was with a sad heart we posted the ad.  She has been a great home and we given a great piece of ourselves in fixing her up. We said we would do this for a year and that’s coming up.  We have had some interest already, some folks want to come this weekend to take a look…and we asked them for a few more days to recover.  We had a guy come out and take some pictures and look at the boat, locally, and it was everything I could do not to fall asleep while he was talking. We are crawling as fast as we can.  Being ill gives you such empathy for all those who have chronic health issues, I don’t know how they do it. We all take our health for granted, I for one am looking forward to the morning I wake up without a headache or the niggling idea Hank has beat me with a bat while I was passed out on Nyquil.  Of course, he would have to lift the bat and I know he doesn’t have the strength to both lift it and swing it…one or the other maybe.   This too shall pass and Pearl’s happy hour oysters will be there waiting for me when I am well enough to walk the 12 blocks to it!

Hope you are all happy, healthy, and staying cool.


3 thoughts on “Last Star…floating petri-dish

  1. dave and jen sardonini says:

    Sorry you’re both ill. Summer colds are the worst. At least you’re not dead yet. Whatever you do make sure you stay out of the cart.

  2. Beth says:

    Oh Patricia….such a sad post on all accounts….Sounds to me like you should hail a cab and head to the ER….I am sure you have disinfected the Last Star from forward to aft….Hydrate and get some of that “Emergen- C” electrolyte stuff….So sad that she is up for sale…should be the other way…up for SAIL…..get well soon….

  3. I suppose I must be reading your blog from present to past, but I told you up there in the Future, “Was it the clams?”
    Do not eat those little bottom feeders. They practically glow in the dark! Then if you chase them with tap water……

    Welcome home…..LOL

    Cap’n Lee

    PS/ I stay away from most shellfish and never shake hands with Chinese wearing gauze masks, if one doesn’t get’cha the other one will….

    Out in the Western Pacific we love eating Tridacna (Killer Cams) raw with lime, but here in the Mainland…, I don’t even eat the fish. What is it the Cuda have here? No, I stay with exotic foods like Burger King or unnatural chicken…(I know what “natural, free roaming chickens eat…LOL)

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