“I got betta…..”


July 27, 2013 by Last Star blog

Clang clang….. Clang clang….. bring out your dead…bring out your  dead


OK, we’re not dead, felt like it a few days but we are getting better.  What ever had us down was awful.  Even late this week a trip out in the sun would still be very taxing.  We finally rallied and Cole is here with a couple of friends to help us enjoy Charleston.  It was a long drive for them and a short stay and they will be leaving early on Sunday.  We’ll stay an extra day or two to do another dinner out in this wonderful town and then probably push for NC on Tuesday.  Don’t know yet if we’ll go inside or outside but most likely outside as the ICW can get very old.  The trips here to Cape Fear are all reasonable length too so we’ll see what the weather forecast looks like.  Seems like Dorian will dissipate (jinx) and we’ll have a nice trip north.

Just a short note to let you know we are still alive and we’ll get some pictures posted soon.


2 thoughts on ““I got betta…..”

  1. Grunt says:

    Good to hear you’re feeling better.
    I was afraid the cats were going to start writing their own blog…

  2. I am laughing too hard to write….Sorry…
    LOL, Was it the clams? ROFLing here.
    Remember you are back in the mainland
    …………………..DON’T DRINK THE WATER!

    My old rival, Captain Bob “Chicken Farmer” Hervin would get sea sick for the first week out on any Ocean Crossing.

    He was a bold and fearless Captain whose Mother suggested he take up Chicken Farming, thus the moniker.

    Anyway, on one voyage from Palau to Guam (where he managed to dismast us 200 miles off the Island of Yap) I found him hull down in his bunk.

    “Are you feeling better, Bob?” I asked.

    “Well at first I thought I was going to die and then realized that I might have to actually live through this!” He replied.

    BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!…..SPLASH! Over the side with ye.

    Too funny.

    Yes, nothing worse than being sick with rotten weather, a ship full of cannibalistic cats and the kids dropping by for the weekend!

    The idea of a home that does not rock and roll must be looking very appealing about now.

    Cap’n Lee

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