Presto it’s magic….or is it Presta?


August 7, 2013 by Last Star blog

Presto it’s magic….or is it Presta?

So we are here in North Carolina comfortably ensconced in our slip with a bit of time on our hands.  When we are moving there’s time spent travelling (obviously) and then time spent figuring out where we are going, where we will stop etc.  Also we have to try to think ahead and get food and water, make sure we’ll have enough before the next stop.  But now all that can be put aside for a while as there’s a supermarket down the street (30 minute DDM).  So to fill a bit of time we look for little jobs that need doing.

In this case we decided to try and refresh the tinted lexan hatches that surround the boat.  These hatches are 24 years old, have been exposed to countless days of sun, salt spray and also the friction of the bug screens rubbing against them.  Some of these are quite opaque and you really can’t see through them.  Particularly in poor lighting or when it’s overcast.  Also the insides of the hatches have been cleaned countless times with less than desirable products, maybe scotchbrite pads, steel wool, barbed wire?  Not ideal cleaners but who the hell knows?

abrasives much?

abrasives much?

After a little TLC and magic...

After a little TLC and magic…

Now of course I got started on this job too late in the morning, tomorrow I’ll get an earlier start to avoid the sun.  This was similar to the impeller but a bit more airy–still painful on the back.  Here I am doing my best TCN (third country national) imitation.  Note the lovely work environment, the added comfort of a cushion for my knees.

Applying the magic

Applying the magic

now for some polishing...why is this so heavy?

now for some polishing…why is this so heavy?

When I started the job the boat to my right was casting some shade on the dock, helpful.  That quickly disappeared.  I was comfortable in the thought that hunched over and surrounded by water and electric wires I met all OSHA safety requirements.  Also the towel/mung rag had the perfect coefficient of static friction to hold the screen so as not to let it shoot out the side and sink into the murk–I hoped.  I mean if I couldn’t lose a 45 pound anchor and chain I should be able to manage a little plastic hatch…..come on.  Well all went well and I got through half of them.  Fortunately “the Admiral” was able to put her kindle down long enough to snap these shots of me from the comfort of the cock-pit (she doesn’t know I ordered new anchor lights this morning….bwwaaahhhaahhhaahaaa).

So here’s some shots through one of the hatches before & after.  Not 100% improved but waaayyyyy better for sure.

Before....squinting won't help

Before….squinting won’t help

After a little Presta Presto-magic

After a little Presta Presto-magic

The real magic to all of this besides a bit of work ethic, elbow grease and the Milwaukee buffer is the Presta Ultra Cutting cream.  We used this for the hull last year and I truly believe it really could polish a turd!  It has a diminishing grit and the more you buff it just turns to fine dust and leaves no swirls.  Link below.

If you’re really interested, there’s a link on a sailing forum on incorporating the Presta, waxes, etc to really shine a car or boat or maybe even that turd.  Ask and I’ll send you the link.

Tomorrow I’ll get an earlier start and make more use of the shade before the sun gets too high in the sky.  At lease that’s what the Admiral says I’m doing.

PS: note how I deftly incorporated the cat photo above to keep the Art Dictator off my back.


5 thoughts on “Presto it’s magic….or is it Presta?

  1. Grunt says:

    Hank, I know how you feel…It sucks being the Worker bee while the entire time the Queen just lies around and waits to get fed. I guess it’s just our place in life 😉

    Now, get back outside and finish polishing those windows!!!

  2. Brad…now you know the truth is only a 10% requirement right? While he was sitting around playing with his Makita and getting a tan, I was doing acrobatic feats of limberness he could not fathom achieving removing the hatch covers below. AND heaven forbid I should lag behind the Prince of Polish. Just call me Cinderella….

    • Whoa whoa whoa….how can one tan with clothes on and a hat that would make a mamasan proud? You can clearly see me making myself small in the photos trying to hide from the blistering sun. Not all of us have the luxury of a full bimini cover to hide under. I see a keel-hauling in someone’s future.

  3. Grunt says:

    Now Patricia, you know I will always call you Cinderella; however, I KNOW that I have heard Hank call you a bunch of different names–and NONE of them sounded like Cinderella…under his breath, of course!

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