How much longer……?


August 27, 2013 by Last Star blog

As we wind down in our year aboard and start thinking about trying to grow up and rejoin the useful members of our society we are filled with the burden of many questions.  One of those questions is what purpose does this blog serve.  We wrote for a few reasons.  Foremost was to capture our year long adventure in a frequent and easy format.  Wordpress offers a service to capture the published blog for us for the future; sort of like a journal that would be on disc or hard-drive.  Another reason for the blog was to pass information to our friends and family–keep them updated in near real time.  Also we wanted to put some data out there for other cruisers, sailing enthusiasts, and folks who like to follow the antics of two under-experienced cruisers.  Now as we sit in a slip in North Carolina securely attached to a power cord providing 110v AC to keep us cool our adventure has sort of slowed down as has the regularity with which we post.

Below you’ll find a poll to make your voice heard on if we should continue with the transition back to everyday life (everyday for other folks).  In the near term we will go live with my sister for a while (sibling rivalry, this could be better than a reality show).  We’ll go back to Austin for Cole’s Parents weekend–hopefully I won’t get arrested on sixth street again (kidding!!!!) We’ll house sit for my sister and keep her two annoying cats so this could be like a blog of crazy “cat ladies gone wild” and then we’ll be off to live in my mom’s basement in south west Florida.  There are no basements in Florida, mostly sink holes.  So vote your mind below or add your own comment.  I don’t know how to keep this poll “up front” so we’ll experiment with that and maybe just keep inserting it in our posts.  There is also a capacity for “other comments” but until you add your own pithy remarks I can’t see what that will be like; there may be a character limit.  Have fun!

Oh and sorry about the “ad” at the bottom; that’s new and I think it is related to the “polling” site.  Never seen the ads before?  I think we can go with a “no ad” upgrade but hey we’re cruisers and have no jobs!  What do you expect from a site that calls itself “poll daddy”?  Sounds like something from a 2 Chainz album…do you feel me?!



3 thoughts on “How much longer……?

  1. Beth says:

    I was just telling Mike last night that I thought the 2 of you planned this whole retirement this the ” RIGHT ” way…If we had a do over I would go hit the road and travel with Mike….It seems like every time I turn around he is telling me of another retiree who has cancer, sick, unable to do anything…I am annoyed because I don’t want that to happen to us…carpe diem….baby. I applaud you both for taking this on….for getting to know one another again…for sharing the good along with the honest…Reintegration will suck at first…just like a PCS…once you settle down you will be happy in your space. Let us know when your in Austin and if you have time….we will make the drive over to hook up !

  2. Grunt says:

    Oh my, so many good choices. I was looking for the “Yes. Follow us as we throw the cats overboard and film them attempting to swim he 5-miles to shore in shark-infested waters”. I guess I’ll just have to stick with “Yes, watch Hank become one of the Lazy Housewives of the Mentally Depressed while he makes Patricia look for work”.

    • Grunt,
      have you been inhaling too much pollen from our bees? The waters are rarely shark infested. The cats don’t go topsides anymore. They have fallen in love with air conditioning. And finally I don’t have any mental depression… browsing of the web fills my days

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