Buckeyes in Tar Heel country

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September 3, 2013 by Last Star blog

As we roamed the east coast and Bahamas we ran into all sorts of folks.  Young, old, tall, short, thin, not so thin, rich, poor, sane and maybe insane, the list of adjectives goes on and on.  The beauty of the travel is that you meet folks of all types and from all over and when you say “we’ll see you again” there’s always a kernel of truth in that statement.

Way back in December when we were killing some time in Old Bahama Bay (OBB) in West End we ran into a couple from Ohio who were sailing a catamaran called “Buck-eye” (surprise!?).  Like us they had just come over from Florida and were getting ready for a winter of cruising in the Bahamas.  I recall seeing Ben and Katie for the first time at the Bar at OBB and swapping just some short pleasantries as we all downed a beer.  As we waited for a weather window to move on we saw them around the facility again and again.  They were struggling with an engine that was besieged by a barnacle–damn thing was in their raw water intake and causing engine temperature problems.  We ended up leaving OBB the same day and running the Indian Cut together in route to Mangrove Cay.

Fast forward 45 days and we saw them again at Snappa’s in Marsh Harbor.  That’s the night that their “pink dink” (the ugliest dinghy in the Bahamas according to Katie) decided to try and runaway from Buck-eye.  Fortunately it was rescued by a local singer and jack-of-all-trades and returned to them.  We saw them again at the DECCA station in the Exumas as they were starting to work north and return to the states.  It’s thanks to Katie’s blog that we got the skinny on customs procedures to re-enter the states.  Well now they are back at work (ptooey) and working on building a slush fund to get back south soonest.  And they are doing their work just up the road in Wilmington, NC.

Well we kept running into them 700 miles south of here so as we were determined to see them again when we were within 15 miles of one another.

They were good enough to drive down to Carolina Beach and join us for happy hour and dinner at the Hang Ten Grill.  Now they didn’t drive down in the Pink Dink but in the Burgundy Buick.  We cruised in style in the four door sedan to the restaurant and then had some terrific burgers and fish sandwiches.  Highly recommend Hang Ten for basic sandwiches and grill food.

Patricia bracketed by two Buck-eyes,

Patricia bracketed by two Buck-eyes,

I was craving some ice-cream (surprise) and ordered some brownie thing fit for five.  As Ben and Katie spent the afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings cheering on their favorite team and were already full when we sat down I got no help on the desert.  We all left stuffed!!!

Katie having more skills with my camera than I have.

Katie having more skills with my camera than I have!

It was really cool to get together with friends from months and many miles ago and yet feel like we had just seen them.  We wish them the best here in Tar Heel country and getting the money saved to get Buck-eye south soonest.  Thanks for coming down to see us and hopefully next time we go for a ride in the Pink Dink in turquoise waters!?



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