Rollin’ to Raleigh

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September 14, 2013 by Last Star blog

Now as we get more and more settled in the land based life we are starting to like the long showers and these toilets are amazing!!!!  No more single ply toilet paper!!  Look if you are using single ply toilet paper in your home bathroom then you need to cut back on the smoking habit, maybe down to 1 pack a day for instance and pocket the difference and get some two ply.  The benefits are amazing and ohhhh the comfort level–but (bun intended(ohh double pun)) I digress. So we leave Goldsboro and cruise north to Raleigh on Monday; Mark and Patricia are back to work (we’ve heard about that–will investigate).  We get to Raleigh about lunch time and have a wonderful lunch at Zaki’s middle eastern restaurant; yum yum.  No Conch but the Shwarma and hummus was amazing as Patricia would say. We get to my sister’s in early afternoon and start to unload the cats, the luggage, and the crap that was still on the boat AFTER the trip to the storage unit. Since we’ve arrived we have chilled out, gone shopping (4 pairs of pants for me!!) and eaten too much. Here’s the four of us at lunch in Cameron Village.  Great restaurant with awesome hamburgers (somethings never change) that grind their own beef so they are not afraid to serve you a burger that is pink inside!!  No salmonella here!!

Caroline and Armin waiting for some food!!

Caroline and Armin waiting for some food!!

I get better looking everyday...retirement suits me.  Garcon!!

I get better looking everyday…retirement suits me. Garcon!!

Now home living is not just all sitting around and nothing to do.  Remember “chop wood, carry water”.  SO after about a day I need something to do, to take my mind off resume writing!!  A few years back when my sister moved into this house Armin and I put up a short lattice to hide the AC units off the back porch.

Circa 2007 work

Circa 2007 work

Well what you can’t see here is that half of the staples holding the lattice together are no longer doing the job.  The wood dried up, the staples are falling out and the thing is falling apart.  My sister asks if I can fix it?  Haruumph.  Armin and I are off to Home Depot to troll the store.  We buy the necessary products, and then some extra stuff cuz that’s what happens in Home Depot–they are so smart!  Now we get outside with our two pieces of 4×8 Lattice and bits of trim and are both staring dumbly at the gear and then at Armin’s BMW 535 wagon–not a match made in heaven.  Now Armin has a couple of zip ties and a sweet bit of nylon sailing cord so I wow him with a few amazing sailing knots; ok, it was only a bowline but he doesn’t know, after about 3-4 turns the load is secured and the Beverly HillBillies are rolling in the sweet hooptie Beemer.  I wanted to go straight to Cameron Village but Armin said we would be thrown out of the parking lot there.  Oh my soooo posh!  Well we get on the freeway and the load is secured, we didn’t have the bent in half mattress with twine across but close.

Oh so posh!!!

Oh so posh!!!

Now with any luck this will last another 4-5 years.  This sort of stuff keeps me busy and the sort of little easy chores I don’t mind doing.  Chop wood, carry water…..  

I told you all this would get a bit more boring when we left the Last Star.


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