Cat Antics


October 13, 2013 by Last Star blog

Cat antics

Well, I know it is has been a while since we have posted and I apologize.  We have been house sitting for a few weeks for Hank’s sister and her husband while they are on vacation.  It has been wonderful to relax in their beautiful home and visit with friends that live in the area.  A very nice break, because we deserve a break from what? Paradise? LOL.  The main catch here is that they have two cats and as you all know, we have Mini and Cooper.  The cast of characters are Roy, as the alpha male at around 6 years old and the biggest of the four, then our Cooper at around 5 years, then Mini at almost 3 but absolutely the smallest of the four, and the youngest is their ginger tabby, Gene at just over a year.

For the first week or so, we kept them separated.  Roy and Gene spend most of their days outside, which was helpful but confusing.  Our cats are indoor only at the moment, so they were convinced this was their new house and those crazy interlopers outside peering in were horrible stranger-dangers that needed to be tamed with growls and hisses at every sighting through every window, and there are quite a few windows and glass doors in this house. After an additional week of socialization, Roy and Gene were so comfortable with us they began sleeping with us, much to the chagrin of my cats. Every now and then Mini would leap onto the bed and run nose to nose with Roy, which would cause an instanteous marshmellow-puff response accompanied by a symphony of hisses and meows.  It was hilarious.  Roy, well, he would look at her and blink, then simply put his head back down.  Crazy girl, I could hear him say. Cooper and Gene had an awkward beginning.  Hissing and posturing on both sides of that relationship. Now there is a mutual respect. They bump noses and walk on.  “Dude.” “ Duuuude.” Gene just adores Roy and is so sweet with him, it is heartwarming.  As soon as Gene sees Roy he runs to him and rubs against him purring VERY loudly. The first 10 days Gene ran from Hank and I…literally.  I had to use Roy as bait to get Gene in at night. Now, I can’t get him out of the house.  He follows me around purring and as soon as I sit down there is some cat in my lap.

Now all the cats are free to wander in the house.  They eat side by side and roam the house with little fuss.  However, my cats still watch Roy’s every move.  The alpha cat. Roy usually comes in late at night, walks in and has a bite then heads straight to our bed. Cooper comes in later and sleeps on my side with me and Roy in the middle.  Last night both Gene and Roy were draped across my legs and Cooper was curled into my side.  The boys are great.

Mini, well, she is not so great.  Once she sees Roy or Gene she hisses. She hisses if she smells them and they are not even around. She hisses at my shoes, at Cooper, at my purse, at the refrigerator.  She will walk right by Roy or Gene and just turn her head and hiss at them, then keep going. What a character. She doesn’t stop or scratch or raise a paw, just HIsssss.  We call her Missy Hissy now.  We leave in a few days and I will really miss them!  Mini will look forward to it but I suspect Cooper will look for Roy for a few days in the next place.

Roy sleeping on Hank

Roy sleeping on Hank

Roy hanging out in Hanks Truck

Roy hanging out in Hanks Truck

Roy sleeping with Mike the Monkey  on our bed

Roy sleeping with Mike the Monkey on our bed

Cooper and Gene making friends

Cooper and Gene making friends

Mini lurking..

Mini lurking..

Missy Hissy in action with Gene

Missy Hissy in action with Gene


2 thoughts on “Cat Antics

  1. Grunt says:

    Oh Lord! Somebody get me a rope.
    Hank has four kitties to play with. I need to hang myself!

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