About Hank & Patricia


About, hmn, well:  Our intention here is for a his & her’s blog, in that for some–maybe not all–posts there will be a his and her’s point of view.  We are a ‘middle-age’ couple (I use that term loosely-not the couple part) retiring from 25 years in the Air Force, scooting our youngest out of the nest for college, and buying a sail boat to live-aboard for a year, or so. We are postponing the big jobs and real life to rekindle our marriage. And of course, are hoping in a tiny nest we won’t mourn it being empty too badly. We are trying to take our two cats with us, but that is proving to be a paperwork nightmare, and cruise the East Coast of America into the lower Caribbean.  Maybe this should be “crazy couple & cats?” We hope you will enjoy our adventures and trials along the way. Welcome to the Last Star Blog, Patricia.


6 thoughts on “About Hank & Patricia

  1. Le Vieux says:

    Eh ben dis donc! Vous voilà parti pour une drôle d’aventure. Tu as pensé au papier-cul, Bully ? Très important le papier-ac’ en croisière, sinon c’est avec les doigts (heureusement que tes copains qui vont venir sur le blog, ne pigent pas le français….). Plus sérieux : Il faut le courage de démarrer… puis ce doit être “super” comme découverte.
    Bon vent !…. take care néanmoins.

  2. Pulse says:

    It all made sense up until the part about the cats going with you…

    • The cats may prove to be a challenge. There is a box of “netting” on the boat right now that gets attached to the lifelines and will form a barrier around the deck to keep them onboard. Their nails are useless for gripping on the fiberglass deck. We’ll keep you posted.

  3. Ted and Lisa Schneider says:

    GOOD LUCK and best wishes for a wonderful adventure! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  4. Joe Brough says:

    What a superb adventure. If ‘middle age’ gives you anything it’s a new value to time and how to use it constructively. I look forward to the updates for my varcarious adventure!
    By the way Hank, I’m sure you’ll never get lost with that huge hat. Does the light on top work…..

    • Broughy,
      of course it works. Its solar powered so recharges during the day. Wreaking heck on my neck though, hope the Veterans Administration helps me out on that. Stay tuned, once the work is all done we should hopefully have some fun. Shooting for a departure at the end of the month.

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