Saying Goodbye…


October 15, 2013 by Last Star blog

We have been remiss in posting blog entries, the last two languishing in my word docs for weeks.  As we discuss posting and blogging about our adventures, Hank and I have decided to stop. Saying goodbye, the end of an era.. I don’t know, it just seems like it is time.  There must be hundreds and hundreds of blogs out there about personal angst, triumph, failure and perseverance.  Ours was about a sailing adventure and it is over and done with.  We have thought long and hard about keeping the blog going, seems so many of you want to listen to Hank and his rantings…but I think now that we are land bound those rants have become a different topic all together…maybe, he should have a blog called “ranting through middle age about everything?”  Would you read it? I keep telling him, it could happen! I have to live it, so reading it might not be at the top of my “to do today list.”  We are gypsies looking for a new way in an old world, Oh – is that an euphemism for “moving in with mom?” Why, yes, it would be.

Recently, we spent the weekend in Austin for parent’s weekend with Cole.  It was amazing.  It was fabulous to see where Cole is making his home, meet the men he calls friends, and to remember. Hank and I met in Austin and we were full of promise. The town has grown, the campus has morphed, but the spirit is the same.  Austin, to me, has and always will be a place to ‘become.’  I assume all college towns represent the same chance to expand, grow, and evolve.  To become the person you want to be, to become an idea you will grow into, and for some to become ‘it.’  We walked through the capital and we roamed the campus.  I had forgotten what promise lurks at 20 years old.  We meander in middle age and assume we are through with adventure.  Yet, here I sit after a year of an experience I cannot begin to weigh or measure in meaning or in memories.  I am here to tell you, it is never too late, too early, or not the right time.  Be adventurous, take the off road, try the unexpected…what is the worst that can happen?

I watch Cole navigate an exciting and challenging time in his life in college.  Hank and I are walking into an excting challenging time in our own lives: new careers and a new beginning.  Crazy as hell? But what I can say…life is about living not wishing/planning/talking/hoping.

We have decided to stop the blog. I cannot believe the year is over and done with. We feel the blog was about our sailing adventure, not our personal life adventure. I am slowly designing a book from the blog…tedious is a kind word.  I have also been working on a stop motion movie of photos I took every day off our bow pulpit. It includes over 100 pictures of amazing sunsets, afternoons, and mornings of anchoring on the Last Star. Each new anchorage…well most new anchorages are there. ( It depressed me beyond belief to realize those moments of pure beauty are past me.  It made my heart ache for the month of glorious memories we made with the boys at Christmas last year. I even miss the cats on the deck running laps and giving me cardiac arrest for fear they would go for the long swim.  I miss so many moments of our life on the Last Star, I cannot even begin to list them for fear the tears will run my page.   We will start something new in a city we haven’t yet picked.  We have taken you with us on a beautiful adventure, but this next one, we feel is too personal to share.

In conclusion to our trip and our blog, we would like to thank you for your daily readings and your musings. Thank you for sharing a moment of your week/day/month with us. Your comments made our day!  You have no idea!!!!!

With much affection, Patricia, Hank, Cooper & Mini of the Last Star.009


6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye…

  1. Terry Bozzo says:

    Thank you both for sharing your adventure! How blessed you are to have had the experience! Hugs! T

  2. Jo says:

    Omgosh, that entry was so well written. Very bittersweet indeed. I know you had a great year; and more to come!!! Kudos for following your dreams. Instead of (like so many of us) just talking about it/wishing it. XXX)))

  3. Mick and karin says:

    Loved your blog and this entry! All the best as your new adventure begins, enjoy all the challenges and fun as this ride begins. Hope we see you along the way! Hugs!

  4. Awww I loved your blog! You will be sorely missed. Good luck with whatever adventures life throws your way! Bisous Bailey

    • Thanks Bailey, we’ll watch you in the Med and get our sailing fix from you. Be safe and watch out for slippery surfaces that don’t work so nicely with Kat Klaws. Gros Bisous to you too from Cooper and Mini

  5. dk says:

    Let’s face it, time flies whether you’re having fun or not, you four beautiful creatures had a super fun-filled year, thanks for sharing! When are you coming to Arizona???

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