Heading North…

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April 17, 2013 by Last Star blog

068We spent a night at Jack’s bay and marveled how the iron shore is eaten away by the tide until it becomes too much for Mother Nature and yields to gravity.  It does make some beautiful structures in the water.061 055 We hiked across to the Atlantic side, to watch the ocean.  It had made a crevice in the rocks and formed a small beach that was strewn with trash.  It made us sad. We have seen some breathtaking things, but the plastic is so depressing. This is the world we are handing down. That is a depressing legacy.  There is too much plastic in the world.

We spent the next two nights back at Black Point for fish fingers & Waggie’s rum punches at Scorpio’s. I am not sure if it is time to or stay when they know your name at the local bar. Naturally, one cannot pass through here without stopping at the Laundromat!  It had been a long time between loads…I had resorted to small clothes wash in the bucket.

We wanted to by-pass Staniel Cay altogether so we went to Sampson Cay and spent the night.  The last time we were there was with Cole. We are sentimental, we hate to re-visit places we can’t  replicate.  We miss our kids.  It is a reality we don’t like to acknowledge. Tick tock.

Staniel , they have gas/diesel & some supplies…usually.  However, this time there was nothing to be bought or begged and we needed water/diesel/gas & food.  So..back to Staniel the next day( south again)

Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay

Of course, there was no gas there either!  Again…grrr. However, as you can see we got there just as the mail boat was leaving…PRODUCE!

Food, glorious food...can I have some more?

Food, glorious food…can I have some more?

Of course, it came a wee close as we had just dropped our anchor. Almost two weeks since any oranges. We will be rowing soon enough without gas.  We have posted many pictures of this area around Staniel and Sampson.  But we took a different path between the two and AGAIN, we are flabbergasted by the water here.  Yall have no idea how much we appreciate the beauty and the wonder of it, everyday.016 007 017 001 003  It will be very hard to be back in the ICW.  Even the cats love the view, well Mini always comes up to the foredeck to sit with me.

I can see clearly now....

I can see clearly now….


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